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Okay, I know that you all openly crave the Australian sun and beach life, but if your life is somewhere more snow-laden like Canada or you’re lost in the ancient architecture of a European city, the next best thing is to infuse your style with some authentic Aussie vibes! That doesn’t mean that you should abandon your already created look, on the contrary – Sydneysiders and Melbourne residents alike are famous for embracing all facets of fashion, and you can always build up on your existing preferences with the help of Australian favourite picks. Let’s take a look at a few Aussie favourites to enrich your wardrobe!

Cleanse with water

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Don’t be fooled by this simple remedy, for those of us who spend most of our days at risk of sunburn and grow up to become sunscreen and hydration experts – we know the value of proper water intake. Both for your skincare, to eliminate any dry patches, premature signs of ageing, and for your youthful radiance from within, water is the key ingredient in any beauty recipe. Katherine Keating swears by this simple mindset change to help you keep your pores in good shape and your body young and resilient. So, the next time you wonder how you can improve your diet, this would be a good place to start!

Distress your denim

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Jeans have always been the go-to piece for any modern Aussie, and you’ll see ripped denim pants and simple worn-out denim shorts all over Sydney and other major cities, paired with the simplest white tee and lightweight sandals. The distress factor gives you that extra “edge”, the fun and rebellious twist to your love for denim, so embrace the rips and try to wear them your own way. They may not be suitable for the office, but you can make them work for pretty much any other occasion.

Keep your eyes framed well

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Considering the weather Down Under and the perpetual Aussie need to protect and care for their health, it’s no wonder that their top pick for accessorizing is almost always eyewear. Quality sunglasses are definitely a must. For a true Aussie fashionista, picking fun frames for shades is the form of art. Choosing the right design, shape, color and purpose is a ritual, and rightfully so. It’s so much more than an accessory – it’s a statement piece that often replaces an entire collection of jewellery!

Multipurpose minimalism

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Aussie girls are known to achieve more with less, and that relates both to their beauty standards and their fashion preferences. You’ll rarely come across more than just a handful of carefully-selected products for skincare and makeup, while most of us carry capsule wardrobe essentials for effortless combos. You can easily style up your basic white shirt with a brooch, by tying it into a knot on one hip, or by wearing a fun belt, and the laid-back principle applies to almost everything you see in the streets. Our outfits are easy enough to be worn for a day on the beach, and then some mascara, red lip and a pair of heels later, and you have transitioned into your evening outfit without going back home.

Mix and match

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The essence of the modern-day street style lies in the sometimes strange, always creative and awe-inspiring pairing of unexpected items. If you’ve seen those blends of basic grey hoodies and haute couture glittery boots, then you know what I’m talking about. Aussie gals do the same, but on a more down-to-Earth, boho-chic level that easily translates to an everyday outfit. We love to rummage through our boyfriend’s closets, so a chunky wristwatch, a massive knitted sweater and a lumberjack plaid shirt are all we need to make an outfit scream fabulous. And if you sneak a peek into your man’s collection, you can easily find something to pair with your own favourite wears!

But the secret of finally nailing that Aussie look isn’t hidden in a particular piece of wardrobe or an accessory, but in your attitude towards fashion and beauty to begin with. When you embrace your natural allure, and do your best to wear comfortable, stylish clothes that allow plenty of room for playful embellishment, you’ll craft your own Australia-worthy look-book in no time!