The Sound Of Our Times

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Unnerving, penetrating, theatrical and exquisite, just some of the terms that could be used to describe this artist! There are some singers that commercially are great artists with performances that keep their careers spanning across the due length of a great recording artists. Occasionally, there are singers that have the ability to transcend through space and time by the share impact of their voice alone. And then there are artists that have the ability to defy every conventional doctrine that your routine may have become accustomed to. A singer such as this one.



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…An Aptitude For Shocking The Senses.

Putting aside any prejudice you may have previously been conditioned with – listening to his voice whilst embracing his look, it becomes explicitly clear that never before has there been a gospel soul singer that has taken this particular approach to their sound, appearance and demeanor, quite in the way that Serpentwithfeet has and with such conviction. Already being referred to by his fans as a masterpiece, fresh and wonderful, once you unravel the exterior of this gentleman and his approach to music what is left is an air of brilliance.

The New York based Serpentwithfeet (otherwise known as Josiah Wise) is the 27-year-old classically trained vocalist and musical scholar, describing himself as “Pagan Gospel”, which alone is bound to stem controversy, definitely has an aptitude for shocking the senses. With live performance that defy the rules of the stage, being mentioned as one of the most arresting artists of this generation, Serpentwithfeet releases the physical vinyl version of his debut EP “blisters”, on May 19th. The debut introduces Serpentwithfeet with a symphonetic synthesis of soul music. A soul torn between spaces with videos which put him firmly on the cultural agenda. The continuous juxtaposition of what is heard and what is visual adds more value to the quality of Serpentwithfeet as an artist.


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…Fantastic Raw Talent Shattering Any Opposition.


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The strikingly ritualistic ‘Four Ethers’ is a perfect example of Serpentwithfeet‘s interesting juxtaposition between visual, sound and lyrics. Yet it remains that Serpentwithfeet’s voice is truly the intrigue. Though in a key above, Serpentwithfeet seems to draw comparison with a soul singer before his time by the name of Will Downing. Yet there is something in the way that he sings that still holds some reference in some respects to 90’s singer Brandy and/or even her brother singer Ray J. He could even be compared to Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men. But it is the powerful and magnificent song ‘Redemption’ within this EP that sets the artist apart from many artists of our time and completely forces you to recognize the critically acclaimed Serpentwithfeet as a fantastic raw talent shattering any opposition.

The unconventional artist perpetuates a more darker side to the biblical titles of his songs, giving no choice but to face what some may shy away from, awakening something that is rare, and something that may be a direct consequence of the times. Regardless of whether your critique looks at this artist from a surfaced perspective or with depth, Serpentwithfeet will in one way or another ensnare you with his music and open your mind to entirely new way of viewing a gospel singer.