Spring 2020 Beauty Guide


Goodbye Winter, hello Spring! The Spring/Summer season has arrived and so have the new beauty trends! The arrival of spring always tingles our imagination and inspires us to change our look. And in light of what is going on in the world and that we may all be indoors for a little while we decided to help you brush up on your makeup skills and give you an overview of all the biggest upcoming beauty trends in hair, makeup, and nails, starting with the essentials – spring skincare.

Spring Skincare

All beauty starts with healthy, glowing complexion. Winter weather and the not so great holiday season habits take a toll on our skin, so this transitional period is the perfect time to give our skin some extra love.

There are plenty of products on the market aimed specifically at springtime refreshment of the skin, from daytime and nighttime creams and oils to super concentrated serums, but the prerequisite for any of them, to give maximum effects is a good exfoliation. A good peel is especially important towards the end of winter, as the outermost layer of the skin inevitably gets damaged by the weather and constant changes of temperature from indoor to outdoor and looks dull and slightly darker as a result.

You can pick up one of the million facial peel products in various formulations at a local drugstore, or make your own at home by mixing some sugar and fine ground coffee into olive, tea tree or lavender oil. Or, if you’re looking for more thorough refreshment, you can check out top beauty treatments editors recommend for spring and summer!


Permanent Makeup

Change of seasons always affects the way we do our makeup and the colors we choose, but for 2020, why not go the extra mile and try permanent makeup? Permanent makeup implies a range of procedures which, by depositing organic pigments into the skin, give the illusion of a makeup product. The best part – it doesn’t wash off!

The arrival of spring always means a surge of people microblading their eyebrows, and for obvious reasons. In spring and summer, we don’t want to bother drawing on our brows every morning, or multiple times a day if we’re on a holiday and swim in the ocean or a pool – we have better things to do. And, as much as us ladies don’t like to admit it, we sweat more during spring and summer and our makeup is at constant risk of being ruined. With microblading, your brows will stay intact for up to two years! Just make sure the artist you choose is certified and has gone through proper microblading training and within a two-hour session, you’ll have full, fabulous brows!



The Spring Summer Fashion Weeks which happen in February and March are the go-to source of beauty inspiration, and the predominant hair trends this year were casual, disheveled bobs and all sorts of braids – single braids, braided pigtails, ropetails, ribboned ponytails… Both these styles are easy to maintain and hard to mess up, so they’re perfect for everyday looks.

When it comes to color, stylists are predicting all shades of red will be particularly popular this season. So if you were thinking of changing your hair color, now’s the time to go copper! Or, you can go in the opposite direction, and try supercool-toned blonde shades that verge on white/gray. Just keep in mind that if your hair is naturally dark, this may be harder to achieve.




Embellishments in the form of rhinestones were all over the runway this season, and we do mean all over – on eyebrows, lips, eyelids. However, as rhinestoned brows might be a bit much for a workday, the best way to capture this trend is on your nails!

One particular style has emerged as a subtle statement, and that is the embellished French manicure! The well-known style got an HBO’s Euphoria makeover and is now done with glitter and rhinestones along the upper edge of the nail, or in bold colors and different shapes.

The slightly less dramatic alternative are metallic nails. For this season, beauty brands have prepared metallic finish nail polishes in every color under the sun, from subtle pastels to bold holographic blue-greens. All you need to do is pick a shade!