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Moving through with fearless intent is Izzy Thomas latest Ep “Sell Your Soul.”


Image Credit: George Nikolov

Yorkshire raised, now London based singer, gaining acclaim from Billboard, Earmilk, Capital Radio, the BBC, and performing from London to LA, is set to take on the industry as a hard hitting, unapologetic, solo artist. Releasing her latest material and already shaking down 2019, the solo artist has arrived with a strength that beckons you to prepare for the hurricane that is Izzy Thomas.


…supercharged feisty punk/rock singer

With ‘Queen’ as one of the central focuses for her inspiration, the supercharged feisty punk/rock singer, introduces you to the sound that is Izzy Thomas. Through memorable hooks and piercing vocals – keeping eye contact with her fans so there is no confusion who it is singing to you. The singer opens you to a world of banging rifts and hard raspy tones. And for a punk/rock artist it is incredible to still hear some soul and depicted hints of Aguilera resonating through her vocals. This combined with an edge only recognisable in colossal rock songs Izzy Thomas lends to your ears her unforgettable vocals.


…unforgettable vocals

In her debut EP, Sell Your Soul, released earlier this year, Izzy Thomas stands defiantly, confirming it with her lead single “Trouble (Pull That Trigger)”, where she addresses self-worth and self-respect, through this anthem song. Relating the frustrations that so many female artists face in the music industry, quoting; “This track is a message now as an experienced artist, saying whatever doesn’t kill me, better run!

As much as Izzy is rock she has allowed for the influence she does have to still support those who have been diagnosed with Autism. With a strong personal connection to autism and advocating for the support of those with the disability, further encouraging them in the arts. Campaigning through schools and discussing ‘Autism Awareness’. Using her direct experiences she has had with the disability affecting a close family member. In her writing, much like her follow up release ‘Favourite Nightmare’. She explains “It feels great to use the power of my music to help get a message across.”

From punk, rock, hip hop, pop, even through her live performances, Izzy Thomas has the ability to get on the microphone and transform any song into an incredible punk/rock adaptation that will cling to your every thought. Carved with the type of feminine empowerment that leads a generation, Izzy Thomas alt punk/rock music asserts her position as a fortress.