Samuel Jack narrates life’s highs and lows in impassioned new album Empty Pockets, Crowded Heart Vol.1


Born in London to a film director, Samuel Jack has had an abundance of creative influence. Moving to South Africa and growing up in Johannesburg, Jack’s childhood was heavily enriched with the smooth sounds of Blues, Motown and Soul, encouraging vulnerability in his narrative and cementing his future as a storyteller. These assortment of genres, blended with the infectious pop melodies and anecdotal tones throughout the debut album, give a true representation of Jack’s style.


Entitled Empty Pockets, Crowded Heart Vol.1 and made up of five tracks, the album embarks on a honest and personal journey; reminiscing his experience of life, love and loss. He explains “What I’ve learnt, what I’ve seen, what I’ve felt – the adventure, the romance, the loss, the heartbreak. The honesty. Putting this record out into the world means everything to me, without being melodramatic this isn’t just a bunch of songs – to me it’s so much more than that”. The opening track “Trouble” reflects on the times when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, but you keep getting knocked down further. Although the lyrics have a darker sentiment, the seductive vocals against the boisterous guitars and progressive drums make for an empowering track. The upbeat sound of “Gonna Be Alright” is the feel good anthem of this album. The emotive verses explore the realities of life’s lows, with the uplifting synths and compelling words of the chorus putting emphasis on the message that everything will be okay.

Jack’s music has been a therapeutic outlet in a life of uncertainties, claiming “There’s no life without music and no music without life”. This passion has secured him spots on some of the world’s biggest stages, and landed him features on Levi commercials and shows such as Shameless and Nashville.