[All Image Credit: Photographer Barry McCall]

Unapologetic, boisterous, sharp and down to business, is what you will find if you ever have the pleasure to meet singer songwriter Ruth Anne. Officially part of songwriting royalty for the millennial generation, having written for Professor Green, Britney Spears, Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha, One Direction, and many, many more artist, the question that often presents itself is, ‘who hasn’t Ruth Anne worked with?’ – Though admitting that the only artist that she has had to turn down was Jason Derulo and working with 1D’s Niall Horan on his solo album, co-writing Slow Hands.

If you are familiar with the Fifty Shades Darker movie soundtrack ‘Pray’ – Ruth Anne wrote it! Co-written with her ex partner. Although the closest of friends now, expressing so candidly the reality of their dynamic during the writing process. “We were in that moment where the tension was like, we are not sure what was going to happen each night. And if we weren’t fucking we were fighting. But this is the funny thing about ex’s we ended up singing ‘Pray’ as a duet for the spread-a-bar scene.”


Ruth Anne isn’t just your ordinary singer songwriter, she’s part of a segment of expectational songwriters of our time. Combined with this, the fact that Ruth Anne can not just sing, but this petitly framed woman, sings so incredibly, that you may be left asking yourself if heaves own choir just walked in the room. It’s no wonder why music journalists line up to interview Ruth Anne. Instantly on arrival, the Irish twang was still beautifully potent, with a welcoming of beaming energy, just excited about life, and with the incredible launch of her solo career after years of mastering her craft, it was expected that Ruth Anne had much to be excited about.

Seldom will you meet an artist quite like Ruth Anne. When asked how she compared her upbringing to her life now she recalled the significant shift between then and the present day. “I grew up in a very middle class city in Ireland Dublin City. So when you come to LA and you see all these mansions or even when I first visited New York, it was a totally different culture and definitely a different humor. And we don’t mind saying we got something on the cheap whereas Americans will talk about getting the next Rolex”. As comical as Ruth Anne is, when it comes to the music she has no qualms about being direct on the type of sound and music she is trying to achieve and what she aims to bring to the listener.


After listening to The Vow and take my place it’s clear to see that her vocals allow you to feel every facet of experiences that the story in this song tells. – “Take my place was about being stalked on instagram and finding out my ex boyfriend was banging an ex-playmate. And all the questions that you ask yourself like “How does that happen? That’s so Hollywood!! So I had all these stories that I wanted to get down on paper and write an album about. And to be honest a lot of female artists want to talk about sex or being strong, or the focus is radio, and I thought, no one is going to want these. I think the reason why I didn’t do an album then was because I wasn’t ready and I didn’t have enough life experience to talk. I came from a very different background in Ireland and I wasn’t that into boys until I was like 18, and I was very sheltered, and I never traveled. But I was into music, and as soon as I moved to L.A I realised that great artists have a lyrical point of view, and that’s what I wanted, real life experiences. The kind of thing that I used to listen and cry to Lauryn Hill to. And in this album this is an album that is real with real experiences.”

RuthAnne is that amalgamation of confidence in the acceptance of knowing your flaws and learning from those experiences, whilst still being sensitive enough to not dismiss those emotions or try to create an illusion of the hurt that was felt through those songs. And when RuthAnne opens her vocals to sing those songs, you immediately acknowledge the truth in RuthAnne now, not just as we know her as a songwriter but an artists in her own right with such rare integrity.