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A Look Into The Popular Trend Of Minimalism In 21st Century Modern Home Design

Modern Home Design

Designing modern homes is no more restricted to creating a roof and four walls with openings for doors, windows, and ventilation. The concept has changed dramatically and now you can see the prevalence of minimalism in modern home designs. The term ‘modern’ here relates the present, and therefore when you consider modern homes, these are typically the houses that are built following the latest trends in designs.

Modern architecture began in the early decades of the twentieth century. This is a particular design concept that is much different from the antiquated styles that seem to be widely used to the extent of being overused and are often characterized by its elaborate ornamentation. However, modern homes are built with minimalist concept. Let’s find out the characteristics of these designs.

Rise of Minimalism in Modern Designs

The modern designers have now started to find concepts that will keep the architecture simpler but will provide the same benefits than any home used in the early periods. This resulted in different aspects of modern home designs such as:

  • More innovative forms of construction
  • Use of different new materials such as glass, metal and concrete
  • An infinite variety of design elements

However, all these are based on the most common principles of architecture that involves simplicity, elegance, functionality, and particularly the lack of ornamentation. In fact, the beauty of a modern house is in its unpretentious design.

Modern Home

Minimalism is The Key

Now, minimalism is the key concept in modern home designs, and it has become the most popular design system over the past few years. Typically, minimalist architecture equals simplicity. The design forms involve simplicity in different aspects of architecture such as:

  • In form
  • In space
  • In utilization
  • In use of materiality
  • In detail and design elements
  • In color

Ideally, it is the principle that involves getting a place of clarity with restraints shown in the use of the space, careful planning and editing of spaces.

Features of Minimalist Design

The basic feature of minimalist modern home designs is that it provides a lot of open spaces. In order to ensure this, modern designers characterize their modern home designs with:

  • Simplicity in function and form
  • Uncomplicated cladding
  • Simple wall finishes
  • Clean and light filled spaces
  • Simple detailing to create better and more visual interest
  • Strategic use of materials to provide texture and personality

All these provide ample room to ‘breathe’, and the use of simple materials and careful detailing in home designs make them so appealing, calm, warm and beautiful.

Modern Home design (2)

Connecting Outdoors and Indoors

The basic concept of minimalist home designs is to connect exterior with the interiors of the house. It is for this reason that you will see the modern designers focusing more on the natural day-lighting features in their designs. It not only provides an exquisite view to the exterior but also fills the interior with natural light making it much more appealing apart from saving energy bills.

Moreover, when the interiors are filled with natural daylight, it will appear more spacious and feel more inviting. The designers facilitate this in a lot of different ways such as:

  • Orienting the home
  • Adjusting the spaces
  • Placing the windows in locations in accordance with the sun’s path
  • Using larger window walls
  • Using interior windows
  • Using skylights and clerestories

architectural design

All these design elements do not take away the simplicity or the beauty of the house, but effectively open up the space to elicit the sensation of being more expansive. Even small windows in a small house, if well-placed, will make it look roomier, as it will connect with nature outside.

Therefore, if you want better home design, consider using the minimalist design techniques to make maximum use of the available space and make your home appear more spacious and grand.