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…His presence is bigger than the room, but then so are the songs


There seems a universal shift in the paradigm, particularly where music is concerned, music of old being prevalent in this years sounds. Some of the most influential periods of music being reformed from many talked about emerging artists in a revolutionary way. And Raury Tullis is no exception to this new and in some respects old movement in sound.

The 18-year-old Atlanta born singer, songwriter, rapper, guitarist and producer resonates an air of Andre 3000 with a hint of Jimi Hendrix’s diversity and appeal, whilst amalgamating Raury’s own contemporary style, to create something that is quite unique to this particular artistDAZED stating, “His presence is bigger than the room, but then so are the songs,” in an interview with Raury pre-performance. Signed to Columbia records, Raury’s talents have caught the attentions of the likes of Pharrell, SBTRKT, The Outkast’s, and Kanye West, with speculations that the rap tycoon’s label G.O.O.D Music will be working with Raury on new material. Not to mention being featured on the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Soundtrack. Raury seems set to supersede many emerging acts in 2015.


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…What distinguishes Raury from others lies in the marriage between his Utopian songwriting and guitar-driven melodies

– Billborad

On first glance the assumptions of this artist may be misleading and his eclectic album ‘Indigo Child’ leaves the listener anticipating the unexpected. From folk to soul, to heavy rock and country, this self-proclaimed artist provides musical unpredictability throughout his debut album, allowing creative freedom to flow through each track. Raury has already been described on many blogs as “the genre-bending artist” whilst in an interview with Billboard they described that “what distinguishes Raury from others lies in the marriage between his utopian songwriting and guitar-driven melodies,” and ‘Indigo Child’ confirms all seals of approval, as his guitar driven album gives the listener an opportunity to be taken in by this young artists creative brilliance.

God’s Whisper which can only be compared to as a spiritual crusade with a very Native American ambiance (rather than just your average song), is in direct contrast with Cigarette Song. Both the original of Cigarette Song and the remix by Snakehips provide dynamic alternatives to keep your speakers on maximum volume, to then be stunned by Chariots Of Fire, all of which verify just how broad Raury’s abilities are. ‘Indigo Child’ is definitely an album that needs to be repeated and really digested in order to completely gauge just how powerful and truly distinct it is.


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With his thought provoking views, lyrics, confidence and versatility, together with his commanding performances, it is not any wonder why he has gathered significant approval from major celebrities and has established a large fan base from devout followers across the globe. He is without doubt an artist for this generation and the future for Raury easily predicts musical dominance.

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