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“Unguarded’ named as iTunes Editor’s Choice”

From the moment you’re introduced to the sounds of Rae Morris the attraction to her music is an instant one. Only for it to be further confirmed once you hear the accompanying sound of the backing cover ‘Return of the Mac’ by Mark Morrison, slightly remade for her incredible single ‘Closer.’ With this particular female pianist and vocalist it soon became evident that further investigation was not only needed but would actually be thoroughly enjoyed whilst doing so.

Rachel Anne Morris otherwise known as Rae Morris, is the Blackpool born beauty that officially gained the industries attention in 2011, signing to Atlantic in 2012 whilst still honing her talents in college. Shortly following was her debut single “Don’t Go” and for those who are avid fans of the programme ‘Skins’, then this particular track should jog your memory of the infamous teen series. Morris has previously performed for Burberry Acoustic and has been listed by BBC as one of the sounds of 2015. Morris’s destiny appears charted for success, as her talents have seen her collaborate with producer Ariel Rechtshaid who has produced for the likes of HAIM and Charlie XCX. And this year saw Morris’s debut album ‘Unguarded’ named as iTunes Editor’s Choice and after listening to the album it is easy to see why.

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Her voice can be compared in some respect to Ellie Goulding only with more strength, soul and depth, yet still just as airy and as innocent. However, the emotion that Morris conveys is unlike any other. Unguarded opens with an oceanic smooth sound to introduce the album. The following song ‘Under The Shadow’ allows the listener, within the first 30 seconds, the opportunity to gauge – not only from an entertainment perspective but a lyrically poetic perspective – just how interesting this female artist is. Even the remixes/remakes of some of the lead tracks are still just as good, using a traditionally systematic way of producing music; similarly to artists in the 90’s, where the quality in remixes were often as good or even better than the original songs. Commanding absolute respect for Morris as a producer and songwriter.

“Minimalisticsinger-songwriter whose musicality and creativity speak volumes

– Teen Vogue

This album can easily be referred to as an autobiography through sound, where each song takes you to the next chapter of an emotional journey. Though it is not a hard based pop/electro album, there is something still subtly superior in the musicianship of this album. Even with many great emerging music artists this year you can not help but fall in love with the wonderfully refreshing sounds of Rae Morris. In an interview with Teen Vogue Morris was described as“the sort of minimalistic singer-songwriter whose musicality and creativity speak volumes.”The Independent described Morris’s voice as “glassy-but-soulful.”And the album not to mention her performances, live up to each artistic complement lent to her music.

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It is not enough to simply listen to a few songs from this album, as its resonance and nuances can only truly be appreciated once the time is taken to listen to the full body of work. Without wanting to divulge too much it is safe to say that this is most certainly one of the albums of 2015 that we all should have on our playlists.

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