Match your destinations to your current situation


No matter where you are in life, travelling is always a great way to disconnect from your daily routine, problems and stress, as well as to celebrate your accomplishments and joyful moments. But as life flows in phases, there might be different destinations suitable for each phase you find yourself in, and matching your destinations to your current life situation is sometimes the best thing you can do. To find some of the best places you should travel depending on where you are in life, continue reading this article.

Best Places for the “Young and Free”

Whether you have just finished high school or university and you are interested in a wild escape to celebrate the first steps into adulthood, or you are in your 20s or 30s realising you didn’t travel as much as you wanted to, there are some perfect destinations for you.

You can start your adventure with a few days in Vegas if this was always on your list but never had the chance. And you can spare a few days for vibrating Phoenix. You all know what Vegas has to offer, but why Phoenix? Well, besides the natural beauty of Arizona, Phoenix also has a great nightlife and welcomes active young people who love outdoor activities, like hiking and golfing. Given that you’re probably going to visit a lot of landmarks in Arizona, it’s best to opt for bus charter services and reach your every destination comfortably and in style.

Not enough for celebrating your youth? How about adding a few festivals to your list? The Burning Man can be one of them, but Europe also has plenty of amazing options, such as Tomorrowland or Oktoberfest. And if you want something even more explosive, pack your bags and head towards the spectacular Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Where to Go If You Are Having a Midlife Crisis


Many people believe that adolescence is like a cactus, and the rest of their life should be smoother. Unfortunately, every phase of life might have one big or even more moments where you get stuck.
While travelling can’t solve all your problems, a sweet escape can definitely clear your mind and help you make better decisions. And of course, some travels can change lives.

So, if you find yourself in a midlife crisis, thinking you’re “too old” for things and feeling like life’s gone by, pack your bags and get ready for a little rebellion. Where to? Hiking and having an intimate encounter with nature while getting closer to yourself should be on your must list during this life phase. Destinations like Thailand, Nepal, Chile or Argentina are the best for exploring nature and diverse culture. And if you want to feel like a real pilgrim, head towards beautiful Spain to hike the famous El Camino de Santiago. No matter which of its routes you choose, the pilgrimage promises to answer all your questions and prepare you for a new, better phase in life.

Celebrate Love and Marriage in a Special Place

Love is a beautiful part of life and celebrating it is always a great idea. And so is marriage. Parties are great ways to show the world how much you care about your partner, but nothing compares to pampering your relationship with a vacation. Luckily the world is full of amazing destinations that could make everybody happy and as in love with life as they are with their partner.

Whether you choose Paris, Milan, Rome, or you want to go away from the mainland and explore a sunny island like Santorini, your European romance will be memorable. Europe hosts a multitude of destinations able to satisfy all kinds of couples from adventurers to lazy foodies who prefer exploring the culinary and café scene, instead of wandering the streets or hiking in the surroundings.

If, however, highly touristic destinations aren’t your cup of tea, you can always find a hideaway from the crowds in one of the charming, quiet villages of Transylvania. Or maybe explore the shores and hills of Gomera, one of the smallest Canary Islands, a place known for its lack of crowds and the great number of hiking trails.

Something for the “Single and Ready to Mingle”


They say loneliness isn’t fun, but being single doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be lonely, even if you choose to travel solo. So, if you are single and you plan a trip alone or with your best friends, choose your destination wisely. Paris, for instance, can be a great city for solo art lovers and history aficionados, but if you just got out of a relationship and your heart is still broken, maybe go to Barcelona instead.

If you are an adventurous person, how about planning a tour of Europe? You can rent Airbnb rooms, meet lots of people, see the best cities, and celebrate the freedom of being single. Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Prague are some of the most beautiful European cities where you can go alone and never feel lonely.

These are just some suggestions, of course, but there are so many other places in our beautiful world, where you can go to celebrate your successes, recover after your failures, or do whatever you need to be doing depending on where you are in life. No matter when, where, and why you choose to travel, just go with an open mind and heart.