In the struggles of life that we all face, there is usually an inevitable revelation of awakening to the desire of having others by your side during those hard times. We as human beings need that connection to others; Tony Robbins has often referred to Love and Connection as being one of the six basic human needs. This connection allows us to keep pushing forward towards whatever the future holds in store for us even if the finish line can’t be seen. Peter Wise’s newest single, ‘Can’t Do It Alone’, is from his album ‘Unattached’ that’s set to release on May 4, 2018, and delves into this revelation we all make at some point in our lives and also features the amazing female vocals of Tiger Darrow.

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Peter Wise is a soul/pop singer/songwriter based out Brooklyn, NY via Boston. He’s shared the stage with notable legends like The Eagles and collaborated with such acts as Chicago and Mali Music. Peter writes, records, and produces his own fresh blend of sophisticated pop and released a seven-song EP back in the fall of 2016, that garnered support from notable press outlets such as Myspace, Earmilk, and The EDM network. He has also played all over the country, with stops in New York, Boston, Pennsylvania, and Los Angeles in the past year.


With an extensive range of influences that include Jack Garratt, Frank Ocean, Kwabs, Nick Hakim, Ryan Adams, Marvin Gaye, John Mayer, Joni Mitchell, Bon Iver, Bob Dylan, Sam Smith, D’Angelo, Miguel, Drake, Tobias Jesso Jr., Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, London Grammar, and Kygo, Peter draws from each of these making every track a unique listening experience.

As a preview of his new album, there were three tracks that really stood out for me on a personal level. The ‘Not Anymore/Get On Through’ track seems to explore the hardship and difficult choice of leaving an abusive relationship even though love still exists in the heart; a similar experience to my own from about 2 years ago. ‘Feel The Rain’ reminded me of my very own guitar idol, Slash, with a slow and bluesy sound while ‘No Matter What You Do’  has amazing guitar picking riffs that sound like the playing style of Ed Sheeran.

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In asking Peter about the inspiration behind his single ‘Can’t Do It Alone’, he says, “I was visiting the south shore of Massachusetts shortly after graduating college and had some time to reflect when I wrote this song.  It’s about realizing the importance of people, places and things you once tried to distance yourself from through the story of a relationship. I had the beginning guitar riff for this song for awhile, and had these two hooks, “Take me home tonight” and “I can’t do it alone”.  It all came together when I combined them to talk about the need to rely on the systems that ground you, whether that be spiritual, familial, or in a relationship.  This whole album is really my struggle with my relationship with a higher power, with self, and with a girl, and this song is the happy extension of that.”

Curious about having a deeper message for others, I asked the question,  if there was a single message that he would want to put out there to make the world the kind place that he aspires to live in, what would that message be? Peter replies with, “I think music is such a unifier, where we can get past all the stuff that divides us through a common love of an artist, song, or album.  So right now my goal is to write songs that mean something to me but hopefully connect with other people as well.”