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talent tends to speak for itself and Peter Philly has a market full of it.

Pete Philly is back and, it would appear on top form, after recovering from a health related issue which would unfortunately force the artist to retreat from music for the better part of seven years.

Though the time has been in excess, and healer in this case I might add, Pete Philly’s talent does not seem to have wavered. The Amsterdam based, well-travelled singer, not only appears to have removed himself from the controversy that surrounded his troubles pertaining to health – that directly led to Pete’s withdrawal from the limelight – but those troubles appear to have only served as a catalyst for even greater, more upbeat, and energetically driven music.

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…the type of sound that unifies people

The release of his recent singles ‘Favourite Song’ and ‘Come Together’ quash any trepidation of Pete Philly’s capabilities as a musician. As if there was any real doubt! Irrespective of the fickle expectations that we may have of any artist, talent tends to speak for itself and Peter Philly has a market full of it.

‘Come Together’ – a neo-soul, feel-good, jazz Instrumentation – does exactly what the song suggests, with the added Philly je n’cest quoi.It’s his sultry and yet still pop style of music that remains to be the requisite of Pete Philly’s primary component and possibly the reason why he is able to deliver such a cool comeback.

Equally, ‘Favourite Song’ is the catchy follow up that we would expect to hear from an artist that is engrossed in high-energy, with a love for music and an agenda to create something that puts him back on the mark where new music is concerned. But it is the piano hook that keeps the listener hooked to this song, only to be complemented by the vocals of Pete Philly.

The release of the current single ‘Dear’ which premiered on Complex this month, introduces an RnB depth to the multi-diverse singer. It is a song that could only be measured with the type of familiar hit singers such as Dan Caplen and Usher, combined with hints of the sound that we would have expected to hear from a young Timberland in the early period of his experimentation stage. Thus re-confirming that the new improved and open-to-new-music version of Pete Philly has surfaced, with what we can only hope is for good this time.

Jazzy, funky, sexy – and everything in between – is quite possibly the only way to best articulate the infamous Pete Philly. Though musically reminiscent in many ways of D’angelo, albeit “with his clothes on!”, Pete Philly’s tone still personifies these incredible nuances of soul, love, culture,Hip-hop and jazz with harmonies that will send you into a euphoric craze. And what I personally love about this artist is that nothing is forced and everything is genuine. Whatever comes with this will be addressed but first it’s about the music and his undeniably mesmerising vocals bring it all together to create the type of sound that unifies people with its raw magic. It may be that his sound is very groove led.. Whatever the secret ingredient, you can be sure that most will be leaving with a full cup of good feelings after a sip at the well of Pete Philly.

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