Imagery all courtesy of Beauty & The Wild Things

There is nothing more beautiful than the amazing nature that surrounds us. Imagine if you could capture the beauty and essence of every fascinating piece of nature you see? Blogger duo Sophie and Abbey have found a way to translate this into an everyday fantasy on their Instagram Beauty & The Wild Things. With a growing audience of over 2.5K there is no end to the vibrantly eye catching floral arrangement these two create whilst still incorporating their favourite beauty products from skincare to perfume. DIFORM decided to uncover how Beauty & The Wild Things came to be, see what happened in our quick chat with the girls. Read below.


What goes into creating one of your gorgeous images?

Beauty & The Wild Things:It usually starts with seasonality, what’s around us blooming on the footpaths, at the markets and what products we are connecting with at that time. We then explore ways to style the “wild things” with their accompanying product sometimes including shells, nest eggs, berries or whatever we feel best suits the composition.

Why did you create Beauty & Wild Things?

Beauty & The Wild Things:We were both looking for a creative outlet outside of our day jobs, a place to express ourselves and play around with new ideas.

Favourite flowers to use?

Beauty & The Wild Things:The most inspiring flowers are the wild ones, a stray passionflower on the roadside or a tree which may have just burst into bloom. Natural imperfections and twisted stems we find the most beautiful. There is something wonderful about a bunch of colourful poppies from the markets.

As Christmas is around the corner, what is the best Christmas flower?

AF: I love something bright and bold for Christmas and a little offbeat, being from the southern hemisphere, it’s summer.

SD: I will always have a soft spot for Christmas lilies. I love the way they open up and release their gorgeous signature scent.

Where did your interest in floral arrangements come from?

AF: My grandparents have always had the most interesting and inspiring garden, as well as my mum being a florist. I guess it was inevitable.

SD: I have always had a passion for beautiful flowers. For me they are one of the greatest, yet most simple luxuries and I love how they have the power to transform any interior.

Where do all your flowers come from?

Beauty & The Wild Things: Markets, gardens, friends, the roadside. Anywhere and everywhere.

In true DI-form fashion and our signature question to creatives; What are the top 5 songs on your playlist?

AF: I love discovering random stuff on Soundcloud and also have a bit of an obsession at the moment with…
Resonance – CFCF
Midnight Stroll – Klrx
Void – Seekae
Elara – Para for Cuva
Gyspy – Fleetwood Mac (an always love)

SD: I’m really enjoying Chet Faker at the moment, a local Australian artist. London Grammar and Damien Rice are always favourites and I love a bit of Spanish guitar for easy listening.

Quickly tell us about growing up in New Zealand?

Beauty & The Wild Things: New Zealand is a place of wild adventures, endless beaches and summer loving. It will always be a very special place for both of us.

Have you always had a passion for flowers?

AF: Yes! My middle name is Rose, somehow it had to be.

SD: Absolutely. A passion, which extends beyond real flowers too – my wardrobe is filled with floral pants and shirts.

We noticed that you use a lot of beauty products on your Instagram feeds, so what are your two favourite brands to use?

AF: I will forever love Aesop, the products, the store design, ethic and wonderful staff.

SD: Yves Saint Laurent will always be very dear to my heart. The packaging is beautiful and the product and brand heritage are the ultimate symbol of luxury for me.

When will you launch your website?

Beauty & The Wild Things: Very soon we hope!

Any exciting things we can expect to see from you in the future? I am sure our readers would love to know.

Beauty & The Wild Things: We have been completely humbled by so much interest in our project and all we can say for now is that there are great things on the horizon.

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Words By Fashion Writer: Aicha Robertson
Editor: Florence Bailey