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In the days leading up to Christmas your social calendar is likely looking quite full with events celebrating the holiday season and end of the year. In some cases you may even be going straight from a Christmas lunch to a festive dinner and you need your look to last. So here are my three best tips on party-proof makeup and hair to get you through the rest of this season.


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1. Give yourself a little TLC

Good hair and makeup begins at the base and that means nourishing your locks and moisturising your skin to keep them both in good condition. So that when it comes to styling your hair or applying makeup, they are a much easier canvas to work with and will cooperate rather than work against you. For your hair it’s as simple as applying a deep conditioner and leaving it in for a few hours. As for your skin, ensure not to slack on your normal routine and for some extra care use a serum before bed each night. These beauty remedies only take a matter of minutes so it won’t cut into your busy end-of-year schedule. However, if you do find some extra time on your hands then applying a mud mask or moisturising peel to the skin will make a big difference. For the hair, slather those locks in some coconut oil and leave it overnight to work its magic. When you wash it out in the morning your hair will be incredibly moisturised and easy to work with for whatever style you have in mind.

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2. Products to prime

This step ensures that your makeup has the perfect base to glide onto and that your hair is prepped for heat styling. Applying a face primer before anything else provides a smooth and sticky base for your foundation to go over resulting in a flawless finish. With so many primers on the market these days there is something for everyone, giving no excuses for this step to be missed out on. If you find that pores are your biggest concern then try a wax based pore minimising primer. Otherwise you can choose one based on your skin type such as a mattifying primer for oily skin. If your undertone is quite bold then a coloured primer can help to even everything out. This is great news if you sometimes skip out on blush due to your red undertone or bronzer due to your yellow undertone. Using a heat protectant and serum on your hair helps achieve a fly-away free style without damaging your luscious locks. Use a tiny drop of serum to smooth over the surface of your hair before or after styling and you will be left without the frizz and with a luminous shine. Mattifying powders are perfect for both refreshing the hair and creating volume at the crown, taking limp hair and injecting life into it.

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3. Set like there’s no tomorrow

For sweat proof makeup that won’t oil up or smudge it is crucial to set everything in place. This can be done with both setting sprays and powders, using either of them or a mixture of both. For a makeup look that will struggle to scrub off at the end of the day, spritz a bit of setting spray onto your brush before using each of your products. This process individually sets each product as you go, ensuring everything stays in place. Afterwards you can go over everything with a setting powder such as a powder foundation or loose veil that will mattify the look for a shine-free finish. Regarding the hair, a quick spritz of hair spray goes a long way in setting your hair in place. Particularly focus the product onto the front of your hair where your fringe falls, so that you will not need to spend all night fixing it and where you have parted your hair, so that windy weather will not mess up your style.

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Whether it’s a full day at work with drinks afterwards then a dinner or lunch at your in-laws then the night at your parents, these three tips will keep your hair and makeup in place all day. Remember to care, prime and set for a party-proof look to get you through the festive season.

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Words By Beauty Writer: Jordan Cannon
Editor: Florence Bailey