With many great emerging artist headlining the New Year, it was difficult to decide who to write a review on. Therefore, after a thorough selection process, it seemed like the perfect excuse to move back a little in order to move forward and take a look at one artist who took 2014 by storm and created everyones newest girl crush in our latest music review addition.


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If we ever wondered what would happen, if we created a musical recipe that included; the style of Madonna during her Erotica album, Adam Ant, Lady Gaga, and Patra (dance-hall reggae artist) then added a sprinkle of the magnetic charm that Fergie personifies effortlessly, with a dash of Mykki Blanko’s illuminate controversial flair. Then incorporated rap and a female artist, without any shadow of a doubt, I believe that the result would be Brooke Candy.

Officially signed to RCA in 2014 with independent releases in 2013, Brooke Candy has been one of the rare few artists to still hold her authenticity after being signed. One has to admit that it was very difficult to focus on this particular artists music, as it is easy to fall into a bit trance when watching Brooke, mostly from the indecision of what exactly should one be looking out for when listening? Not to mention the fact of just how raw and bold Brooke is. Just when we thought that female artists could no longer add shock-value then came along Brooke Candy and since Brooke has graced the stage the fashion world has instantly embraced her wild and highly sexed artistry. Being featured in Paper Magazine, profiled in Vogue and performed at a New York Fashion Week party. Brooke has gained a unanimous following even as an emerging artist. And her limitless approach to popular music is a force to be reckoned with.

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Brooke takes no prisons within her songs as her lyrics express just how explicit she is. You need only listen to ‘I wanna’ and ‘Das me’ from her earlier material to realise that Brooke’s songs are truly not for the faint of heart. With ‘I wanna’, that dirty south sound comes to the forefront and is every club or Crunk DJ’s dream. The combination of the explicit lyrics and mobster mentality with the heavy base, southern-club undertones, create a very catchy song, regardless of how unreserved the song may feel to some. Brooke’s lyrics are not conscious lyrics exactly, though arguably they are socially conscious, in that she capitalises on every derogatory term used against woman and reverses it into something acceptable and even praises them in some respect. The sound then shifts from ghetto to ghetto-chic with her more recent tracks ‘Opulence’, ‘Bed Squeak’ and ‘Feel Yourself’, which enable you to see Brooke Candy’s development. Allowing you to capture her talent and creativity, seeing in more detail just how cleverly concocted the Brooke Candy whirlwind really is, particularly with the video for ‘Opulence’ and the entire ‘Feel Yourself’ song.

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Brooke Candy’s take on music leaves you completely engaged by the enigma that Brooke brings to her entire appeal. Brooke exemplifies the ultimate femme fatal for the Z generation, with what seems to be no inhibitions whatsoever when it comes to experimenting with both sexuality and creativity. Being the archetype of what would happen if one of those hip- hop honeys (we have seen repeatedly in many a rap music videos) decided to become rappers themselves. Brooke seems to have incorporated all of those connotations and utilised them to her advantage. With Brooke Candy the voyeur is either left entranced or perplexed, but one thing is for certain, they will not so easily forget Brooke Candy.

We officially salute the crazy, sexual, alien, excitement that is the one and “only” Brook Candy.

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