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This artist I have wanted to write about for sometime, since stumbling across her Youtube videos approximately a year ago, and after monitoring this singers progression and watching her steady growth, decided this to be the best time to discuss the rising star by the name of NYLO.

Andrea Landis, known by her stage name NYLO, whose roots stem from Chicago but would later spread her creative wings in Los Angeles to then gain the attention of the renowned L.A. Reid, is the singer/songwriter you may also steadily grow to love and respect. This singer’s intrinsic focus on harmony together with her demonstration of complete head-voice control, give what can be referred to as a bittersweet style of music.

Though many are in the Arianna Grande camp and admittedly vocally there are very small likenesses, NYLO on the other hand, brings a more angelic technique which Elle describes as “a smooth, silky voice” (read full interview here) with The Weekend’s candid and explicit approach to lyrics, introducing herself to the industry as an artist that should be taken seriously.

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…Her voice is both rich and feathery, floating over spare, sexy production

L.A Weekly

Her Ep ‘Indigo Summer’ is a synthesis of relaxed, powerful songs. Breakfast At Tiffany’s along with Blurred Lines both of which were the first songs to introduce me to this singer; involve the listener in stories deeply seated in the memories of a haunting romantic disillusion. Nylo’s song entitled Life’s A Bitch is ultimately where the realisation dawned, how immense this singer’s career could be with the right direction. It is not specific elements rather more in the matter of small effective detail in production, supported by the singers’ voice, which confirmed the official Nylo bug that many audiences could soon come to have once all Nylo’s skills are harnessed.

L.A Weekly stated, “Her voice is both rich and feathery, floating over spare, sexy production” (read full interview here). Though NYLO often draws comparison with The Weekend, there is also something in NYLO’s music that has some resemblances to Justin Timberlake, predominantly in material Timberland has co-produced. Along with an almost Jodeci-esque feel to the overall direction of the EP, the electronic fusion merely adding appeal to Nylo’s already striking sound.

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With the emergence of more electro, R&B pop driven music, NYLO’s contribution to this movement is both subtle and seductive that in spite of the occasional brusque term brings a sound that is still extremely feminine in the beautiful escape that is her voice.