Selling out shows across America and Europe, featuring in People magazine and with a celebrity wife to add to his bow, solo artist Nathan West is the creator of the epic project that is East Of Eli. Formed in 2014 with 180,000 Spotify streams and their second single ‘Child’s Play’, charting on iTunes is still a very popular dance track. With an inbred passion for music and a desire to communicate to his audience understanding and empathy in the world East Of Eli is creating a unique music niche.

headline East of Eli

….‘Creating A Unique Music Niche’

Now if we thought for a moment what would happen if we put together a high profile actress and a high profile singer and asked them to sing together, we possibly would not even come close to the magnitude that now is East Of Eli. With the added value that they are actually a celebrity couple as well. You then instantly realise just how much of an unstoppable force this could be. Which is exactly what occurred when Chyler Leigh (stars in Greys Anatomy and CW”s Supergirl) and Nathan West came together on Nathan’s solo project, springboarding their already fantastic following into even further excitement. Creating greater reason to adopt the two as America’s new sweethearts. Two great names, two known talents, amalgamating their passions and love of music together to recite their love for eachother through music. You could not write a better script!


….’Music is one facet to the force that is East Of Eli’

East of Eli is a fusion of cinematic folk, pop, electro music, which was unexpected when you first look at this dynamic. With songs such as Nowhere, a song of limitless true love. And Lost Transmission, written as a testament to West’s son Noah who is diagnosed with ADHD & Autism, an anthem intended to capture the beauty of who his son is becoming in spite of his own day-to-day struggles and songs such as Glow. The music although integral is one facet to the force that East Of Eli is slowly becoming and it will be interesting to see just how far East of Eli goes.