Image Credit Photographer: Dan Harris

Acoustic brilliance,

Nathan Ball has released his new acoustic EP this week which drives the listener to embrace a more honest version of the more refined mastered production of some of his already popular tracks combined with his cover version of Gnarls Barkley Crazy. A more relaxed, downtempo EP that is nothing short of acoustic brilliance, constructed in a way that journeys through stories that unfold through each song, opening up to the very genuine passion behind each lyric, the delivery within his tone, enables a compelling shift in any environment where his songs are played.

“I wanted a raw and honest EP and to give everyone an insight into how the songs are first written before I take them to the band. Max and I were hidden away in Cornwall during the winter and were messing around with the songs on an old creaky piano. We loved the atmosphere it created, so we rolled with it. You can hear some of the creaks on the record now, I love that, it feels real and unpolished.” – Nathan Ball


Image Credit Photographer: Dan Harris

…The beauty of its simplicity

Every element of how Nathan Ball sings has the ability to hit each and every part of the senses enough to allow you to be completely immersed in every word. The strength in this sensibility may be down to the fact that Nathan gives you all of himself without reservation, just the complete purity of something that could be quite profound once you allow yourself to actually listen to the verses within his songs.

Waste of time depicts the story of an individual wishing their lives away and the notion of those repetitive overarching thoughts that nag away at the mind. Written in a slightly more remote part of Cornwall where both Max and Nathan were able to create this EP the entire EP encapsulates a very cinematic and yet French cafe feel. It’s an atmospheric, taunting and beautiful raw sound of the very basic composition of guitar, vocal and an old piano, “We just hoped that in this EP we are able to get across the storytelling in the lyrics which for the most part is what we want anyone who listens to it to hear” – Nathan Ball.

Even though most music listeners now have an ephemeral approach to their listening habits and in my opinion in this case 4 songs were not enough and simply left you desiring to hear more of what this new talented young artist has to offer, albeit, one thing that does transpire from listening to his new EP, is that in the beauty of its simplicity it can easily turn its listener into a fan.

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