Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

“Just this one more and I’ll stop, I promise.” These are the words women across the globe tell themselves all the time, and they know they’re lying to themselves. There is just something about bags and purses that has us drawn like a moth to a flame, and even if we have one in every style and color, there will always be another bag we’ll become obsessed with. This mysterious phenomenon is particularly strong when the seasons are changing, probably due to the fact that every new season is marked by the arrival of new collections that leave us absolutely infatuated. If you’re an avid bag collector, a true ‘bag’ lady, so to speak, you must be dying to know what your next investment will be. Well, we won’t keep you at the edge of your seat for much longer, so sit back, scroll down and relish the beauty that’s about to be unveiled (and rocked this season). Enjoy!

A little goes a long way



After careful research and a close inspection of the all the bags that have had the chance to shine on this year’s runways, we think we have an absolute winner. This season will definitely be ruled by tiny, micro-bags that are just big enough to fit your lipstick and your credit card. However, what they lack in size they make up for in beauty and irresistible and inspired details and embellishments. Take the Delpozo bag for instance. The vibrant colors, the perfect, firm gold clasp, the glitz and glamor – all packed into that tiny little thing. Whatever else you’re wearing, this is the type of bag that will definitely make a statement. Another bag of this variety that you’ll absolutely love this season is a kind of a novelty-clutch by Thom Browne. Its clear sharp lines will appeal to all the minimalists, and the detailing in the form of a man’s suit will definitely draw in all those who love interesting and out of the ordinary bags. Other designers that have showcased micro-bags are Oscar De La Renta, Dolce and Gabbana, Chloe, Kenzo, and numerous other high-end powerhouses. Given such an impressive list of names, it’s safe to say that this bag will definitely be the life of every fall party.

From the indulgent to the necessary



Yes, we don’t need extravagant and flamboyant clutches and micro-bags, but that certainly won’t stop us from wanting and getting them. However, there are certain matters of practicality to bear in mind, and designers and fast-fashion retailers alike have us covered in that department as well. That’s precisely why, aside from the glamorous occasion bags, we have been lucky enough to see some truly gorgeous yet practical bags being carried down the runways. There is Jason Wu and his collection of amazing long-strap totes in the fall’s favorite warm hues from red and brown to burnt orange. However, our absolute favorite when it comes to totes is the incredibly simple and effective tote by Celine. The size is perfect for all the things a busy woman needs, the color will appeal to all those statement-dressers, and the cut is every minimalist’s dream. This bag caters to absolutely every need of every kind of fashionista, and there is no doubt, that, in the ‘practical’ department, this bag will rule them all.

Standing the test of time



While on the subject of chic, practical over shoulder bags never seem to go out of style. Their elegant and solid shape gives them that everlasting quality that will surely stand the test of time. Solid handbags also fall under the same category. There are bags we become infatuated with, and there are those for which infatuation isn’t a strong enough word. One such incredibly chic yet practical bag is the maroon solid handbag from Altuzarra. The sophistication of color and construction is enough to leave you breathless, and when you throw in the double threat factor, we have a winner. This bag can easily go from the workplace to any given party without you having to make a quick trip home. There is absolutely nothing we don’t love about this bag.

A blast from the past



First we thought we would never see these bags again. Then they resurfaced, and we figured they would be just another fad that will disappear soon. We were wrong. The backpack is here, and it doesn’t seem like it will leave any time soon. If someone like Carl Lagerfeld made it possible for the backpack to walk down the runway, there must exist an appeal to it. It’s practical quality is undeniable, but it’s appearance, in our opinion, leaves something to be desired. Still, if you’re the kind of person who won’t skip on any trend, you are welcome aboard the backpack train.

Whether they are practical, ostentatious, large or so small nothing could possibly fit in them (case in point- the Valentinobag’, all these bags have a shared quality. They all make for amazing statement pieces, whether due to their conspicuous embellishments, vibrant colors or truly amazing craftsmanship. The fictitious Vogue editor from Sex and the City once said: The key to having it all is stop expecting it to look like you thought it was going to look. It’s true of the fall lines and it’s true of relationships. Well, dear Enid, you were wrong, at least this year, because this fall, the collections were beyond impressive and we can’t wait to see what bag you will be snagging first.