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Your Summers Music Festival Wardrobe

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As you travel the world and explore all the sites on your bucket list, you most likely listen to a playlist of songs. A music festival may even be one of your favourite summer pit stops. Whether you are planning next year’s Coachella outfit, headed to Burning Man, or one of the many other music festivals, let us help inspire your summer festival look.

Every concert and music festival encourages those attending to express their own unique style. While these events are as varied as the people who attend them, some apparel, accessories and makeup looks make their way to all of them. Below we provide you with summer music festival wardrobe staples to pack for your travels.


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Ready to Go!

We love clothing that is easy to wear when you’re on the go. Ultimately, traveling and music festivals should be about having a great time and feeling good while you’re there.

When you’re looking for street style clothing to wear to a music festival, don’t be afraid to try on something you usually wouldn’t. What better time to wear something different than when you’re in a new place. The possibilities are endless!

Coordination Nation

While each festival has its unique style, co-ords remain an increasingly popular choice during this festival season. What’s a co-ord, you ask? Picture an outfit with two, individual pieces made from the same fabric or print.

Co-ords are as diverse as the places you’ll see on the road. They come in endless colors, patterns, and designs. From polka dots, stripes, and florals, to camo and metallic, there are countless ways to wear this style. So, find your top and bottom print and make packing seamless.

Flower Power

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If you haven’t worn a floral garment or accessory to a music festival, are you sure you attended one? We’re only kidding. We continually see festival attendees wearing floral jumpsuits or rompers, adding to the outfit’s far-reaching influence and popularity. If you’re afraid the style will be overdone, remember that they remain a classic go-to festival outfit for a reason.

Try pairing a short, floral dress or romper with a floppy sun hat and some heavy combat boots. Or rock a long-style jumpsuit in virtually any striking pattern of your choosing.

Think of your jumpsuit as a comfortable and reliable look that’ll allow you to leave your AirBnB in minutes. If you’re having one of those days where you don’t know what to wear, you can grab your favorite outfit and get ready to explore the festival grounds. (Don’t forget to pack some sunscreen!)

A Sight to See

A festival that’s known to capture many travelers’ attention is Burning Man in the Nevada desert. Known for its eccentric styles, Burning Man is the perfect place to try out your boldest, festival looks. When you’re looking to stand out, you can’t go wrong with some sequins.

For those who want to try this look and plan to travel somewhere warm, we suggest combining casual, summer essentials with a shimmery accent. Try a denim capris with a sequin, short sleeve top.

But if you’re feeling daring, festivals like Burning Man encourage you to dress up as creatively as you can. Go ahead and wear a huge headpiece, sequins from head to toe or eye-catching embellished booties. We’re giving you full permission to unleash your inner mermaid. And if you get separated from your group, your friends should be able to spot you from miles away.


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We cannot deny that denim remains one of the most universally worn and most recognizable textiles in the world today. It was only a matter of time before denim-on-denim made a comeback. For the more audacious travelers among us, we encourage you to attempt this style. Though, nothing will ever replace Justin and Britney’s denim look circa 2001 American Music Awards.

Everyone seems to experience an internal conflict when deciphering whether to wear denim-on-denim. And the debate, while old as ever, continues. Whatever strong opinions people have about wearing denim-on-denim, we know that this outfit looks incredible when worn correctly.

While there aren’t any set rules on your denim-on-denim style, here are some tips on how to accomplish this look:

Try wearing two contrasting denim shades for some balance.
If you plan on packing lightly, try breaking up your denim with a versatile, plain white t-shirt.

Crochet Everyday

Crochet pieces radiate a bohemian vibe that’s perfect for the festival environment. Best of all, it’s breathable and comfortable, two adjectives you will learn to appreciate when sandwiched between people in a festival crowd.

American celebrities like Riverdale actress Vanessa Morgan wore a boho, crochet crop top with high-waisted denim shorts at this year’s Coachella festival. Even international, top designers like Prada included crochet pieces within their ready-to-wear fashion collection.

Don’t Forget to Pack Accessories

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While music festivals focus primarily on the music, you have to admit that the fashion there is just as important. How uninteresting would these events be if everyone looked and accessorized their wardrobe the exact, same way?

Like the freedom of expression the Halloween holiday gives many of us, festivals also allow us to strut around wearing jewels all over our bodies. So, get creative and let yourself get inspired by the festival fashion worn all over the world. If you’re struggling to find some inspiration, consider the list down below your roadmap to festival accessories.

Here are some fun women’s accessories for music festival enthusiasts everywhere:

  • Macrame totes
  • Something iridescent
  • Statement jewellery. Try bold pendants or tassel earrings in fun colors!
  • A body chain
  • A handcrafted floral headdress

Let this summer’s music festivals inspire you to try new fashions and explore the more creative side of your personality. Don’t be afraid to try something new and bold that truly expresses your uniqueness.