Music Review

Capturing the magic of summer love is Mimoza new single, ‘Love For Days’




The path to everlasting love in modern society is one that can bring even the strongest person to their knees. With a multitude of dating apps, social media, or online dating sites, social norms dictate that in order to find a romantic partner, we should hide our true selves from others and fit into a mould of what we think others will find attractive. In those initial stages of dating, there will likely be certain things about ourselves that we either feel too embarrassed about, think that others may judge us too harshly or may not fully understand why we are the way we are. By deeming those parts of ourselves as unlovable, we deem ourselves unworthy of love, yet seek out unconditional love from others when we aren’t able to love ourselves first unconditionally. Often stemming from a childhood experience, we learn to fear being judged and ridiculed for our weirdness and that we should mould ourselves to fit in; if left unhealed, this can set the stage for a potentially toxic relationship in adulthood. It’s human nature to seek out connection and love from others, while simultaneously feeling heard, understood and loved; the first step is loving ourselves for who we are, as we are and where we are. In her new single, ‘Love For Days’, Mimoza captures the magic and mysticism of summer love with a sound reminiscent of Shakira.




 Mimoza is a Kosovo-born singer-songwriter who fled the war-torn country as a child with her family to Sweden, where she spent the greater part of her childhood, and later spent 11 years living in Germany. Fluent in four languages, she writes and sings in all of these languages that showcases her very diverse background. Like many other musicians, her love for music began at a very young age, “I just always loved singing ever since I was little. Moving from Sweden to Germany definitely made me take music more seriously, that’s when it went from a hobby to loving it so much that I would sing every day and lock myself in my room and practice, over and over again,” she says. Some of her major musical influences are just as diverse as her own background, and when asked about them, she responds, “Michael Jackson definitely inspired me. I was and still am in awe of him. I love Adele, Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, and Dolly! They are all so amazing and I love that they have their own sound and that they have created a lane that no one else can touch!”




Her new single, ‘Love For Days’, features powerful vocals, punchy rhythms, and strong cinematic soundscapes, creating an ultimate pop anthem that is perfect for grooving to the summer vibes. When asked about the inspiration behind her new single, she responds, “LFD is my sophomore single & it was a no brainer. I chose it as my 2nd single because it shows my growth as an artist, not only lyrically but vocally as well. I’m very proud of it. LFD captures the magic of a summer romance. It’s about that moment you find yourself in when you’re both on the verge of falling for each other, but no one has quite let themselves take that step! You both know you are right there, falling in love, but you both need a push just to go for it and surrender yourselves to the magic of what you’re feeling.”


Curious if the multitalented songstress had any further wisdom to share, I asked Mimoza if there was a single message that she would want to put out there to make the world the kind of place that she would aspire to live in, what would that message be and why does she think that message is so important, she states, “Being brave and honest. That’s what love for days is about. It’s an honest, brave & romantic pop record. I only write honest songs, because I can’t sing about something that isn’t real. And I want to be surrounded by people that are just as honest & genuine with me as I am with them. I think that life rewards the people that are brave enough to speak up, brave enough to say no, brave enough to tell someone how they feel about someone, regardless of what the other person thinks. There is so much to be gained when we’re brave and honest. And so much to lose if we’re not. Also, honesty saves everyone’s time.”