Why Milan is the city you must visit!



It’s Summer-time. This means we now have our travel-plans and we can’t wait to get outside and explore and if you have never been in Milan but you considered visiting this Italian-city the this City-guide will help you to explore Milan in the best possible way. From Dinning out to must-visit-places here are some of the best tips on what to do when you are in Milan. This city in the north of Italy, is famous because of its endless shopping-possibility’s being one of the four fashion-capitals in the world. But Milan has more than only fashion to offer. Art and Culture are also some of the spectacular things you can experience in Milan. The Italian-culture is visible in every corner of the city and Milan has plenty of museums all over the city for every preference.

Piazza del duomo

What to see in Milan?

The first thing you must see when you are in Milan. Is the famous cathedral at Piazza Duomo. It’s the most visited place in Milan. The square is full of people. Which is always a place that’s rife with activity and tourism. With an architectural design that will leave you awe struck it is a definite must see.

Next to the Piazza Duomo you have: Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele, which is a famous shopping district and possibly the second most visited place in Milan due to it being recognised for some of the high end fashion houses that are located there for example: Prada and Louis Vuitton. And is therefore well worth the visit.

The third location that may peak any keen traveler’s interest is the famous fountain: Castello Sforzesco. It’s a middle-century Fort in Milan. Parts of which have been destroyed but still would bring life to any historian and was rebuilt in 20th-century. With some many stories behind this fountain it as a marvel to view if you are the sort of person that enjoys art history. Opening hours are: 07:00-19:00. During the winter-time its open from: 07.00 – 18.00.

If you are into art. Than The last-Evening-meal is worth a visit when you are in Milan. It’s a Wall-painting created by: Leonardo da Vinci. It was an order from: Ludovico Sforza.

Parca Della Guastalla

How to explore Milan?

Exploring Milan is quite easy and inexpensive. For around 10,00 euro’s you have metro-ticket for 3 days. You can purchase this metro-ticket at any metro-station. You have single-tickets for the metro-only. But you also can purchase a ticket for metro, tram, and bus. We highly recommend to buy a ticket for all the transport-possibility. You pay one or two euro’s more. But you don’t have to worry about your transportation and the bonus is that you can explore almost everywhere in Milan.



Where to stay in Milan?

If you planning to stay for three-days and you want to have a luxurious stay with comfortable bedrooms, a nice bathroom and the added pampering with high-quality-service. Then we recommend the:Hotel Dei Cavalieri. This hotel is located in the centre of Milan and only 250m, walk from Piazza Duomo. This means you not only have a luxury-experience. You also have a great start-location to explore Milan. This hotel offers a sky-bar with an amazing view. From the location of this hotel it’s also easy to visit the shopping-district in Milan. Very handy if you planning to have a shopping-weekend in Milan!

Where to eat in Milan?

When you have explored Milan or you just had a long-shopping day and it’s time to have settle in with a nice-dinner and a drink.It is safe to say that Italian-dinners are delicious. We all know that! Further more you will not want to leave Milan without tasting a  good-Italian-delicacy “Pasta”. To leave Milan without a real-Italian-pizza or pasta experience is a travesty! That is  why we recommend Dongio which is an old-fashioned restaurant that serve a delicious authentic pasta. Even for vegan-people they have dinners to offer.

Another recommendation is Piz an authentic Italian restaurant where you can taste a delicious pizza. They have three-menu’s so  there is a dinner-option for everyone. Though they don’t accept reservations, that doesn’t have to prohibit you from visiting it wouldn’t be Italy if you didn’t an authentic experience of waiting-line for a good pizza.

If you spending three or more days in Milan and you begin to seek for more than pasta for your meal choices. You can try-out a Japanese-dinner. Gastronomia-Yamamoto is a Japanese-restaurant in the centre of Milan. A perfect option if you want to eat something else other than Italian-pasta.

Prada Milan shopping district

Shopping District of Milan.

Not to keep having to stress the fact that Milan is one of the four fashion-capitals. But it has to be fully noted when ‘Global Brands’ like: Versace, Prada, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana have their head-quarters in the city. This city breaths Fashion to the fullest. In the centre of Milan you will find endless shopping opportunities. One of the first shopping points is: Corso Vittorio Emmanuele II. Here you will find a wear-house with all brands from: Dsquared2 to Armani, and from Dior to Prada.

If you a person that is more into casual shopping the following street might suit you better: The via Torino, known as the casual-clothing area. You will find here more High-Street clothing stores. For example: H&M, Zara, Guess have stores in this street.

So whether it is for food, for fashion or a love of art and architecture, Milan has it all! If you are indeed a true traveler Milan should definitely be one of the cities to add to your must-see bucket list as you will never run out of things to do in this beautiful location.