The prestigious Mercedez – Benz Fashion Week exhibits some of the finest fashion designers across the globe. From Berlin to Japan the international event presents an array of glorious cascading gowns to innovative design structure with collections from both emerging designers and established brands. Mercedez – Benz Fashion Week continues to exemplify runway excellence, adding yet another nation to the international brands consortium of global events Mercedez – Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam, which took place from July 3rd until July 13th shining a light on Dutch brands and designers. Alongside this celebratory event was its first ever Mercedez – Benz Caribbean Fashion Show, a one-day presentation on July 11th located in the famous Westergasterrein, Klönneplein 1 area, which showcased some of the top designers from the Caribbean Islands and South America.

Atelier Doré

The first designers to open the incipient event with their distinguishing pieces was Jewellery and Accessory designers Henk & Judith Uiterloo from Atelier Doré. With this brands long standing heritage of Jewellery design dating back to the 1950’s, initially under the name Doré to be renamed Atelier Doré in 1996, this brand has adorned an impressive network of clientele from a US president to the Queen Mother and have previously showcased at London Fashion Week.

Atelier Doré presented the runway with a charming collection of exceptional Surinamese Silver, filling the runway with delicately hand crafted and prominent luxury design pieces with meticulous attention to regal colours in each design and hints of Elizabethan structure seen in the Atelier Doré neckwear. Atelier Doré’s latest collection confirmed the brands premium quality and why these designers have continued to have a leading Caribbean brand.


Atelier DoréPhotography by LongJoy Photography

Charu Lochan Dass

Graduating from the renowned London College Of Fashion, officially launching her self-entitled label CLD in 2011, to then go on to debuting at New York Fashion Week, emerging designer Charu Lochan Dassexhibited her latest luxury womenswear collection at the CFS. The collection encapsulated what Charu termed as “sophisticated elegance and understated sex-appeal” CLD focuses on the female silhouette accentuating the best assets in the female frame in a classic contemporary manner with Lace Embellished Silk fabrics with neutral palettes that brought to the runway an air of class and prestige.

Charu Lochan DassPhotography by LongJoy Photography

Gigliola Designs

Aruban commercial fashion model Gigliola Gomez Arendsz who after her long and successful career as a model worked in personal styling for House of Gucci, whilst designing a select amount of exclusive pieces for specific clientele, before embarking upon her own design label Gigliola Designs, after an accomplished career in the fashion industry. Gigliola graced the runway with draped flowing gowns. The Island inspired collection showcased an assortment of Satin Silk Charmeuse and Satin Organza with the notion behind of bringing to the runway the Caribbean Spring. Gigliolas’ use of rich pastel colours incorporated with elements of Grecian forms made for a standalone collection that personified spring in each garment.

Gigliola DesignsPhotography by LongJoy Photography

The event held much emphasis on silk and satin fabrics, as seen presented in many of the designers’ collections. Well-respected leading Caribbean designer Heather Joneswho also showcased at the event presented a culturally inspired Silk and hand painted collection also emphasising silk fabrics in her garments. Ms. Ray’s striking glitter fabrics additionally combined silk in her designs, highlighting this fabrics trend for Caribbean fashion SS16.

Heather Jones InternationalPhotography by LongJoy Photography


Ms Ray CouturePhotography by LongJoy Photography

Ahead of the last two runway shows skilled Latin Salsa Dancers captivated the audience with a fancifully choreographed performance in keeping with the satin silk Island theme. Female dancers were draped in aquamarine sheer garments whilst the male dancers were fitted in silk shirts. With very little setbacks for an introductory event, this show is set to be the first of many, all being well, even more luxurious events, moving away from any notion of an alternative fashion week to a dominating force in the Caribbean Fashion Market.

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