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Most musicians know that it’s both the highs and the lows in life that will generate the most powerful music an artist can create. Maurice Amour is no exception to this knowledge, as his music speaks to those in the world that may feel misunderstood by others. Known professionally as Maurice Amour, Brandon Hargrave (born December 10, 1993), is an English Multi-Instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter from Hertfordshire, South-East of England. Breaking away from his previous band, Franklin, to pursue music in a direction away from what the band was creating,  his debut single that was released in  January of 2017 titled ‘9 17’ was “a touching track written for his dearly departed brother,” according to an online publication from It’s All Indie.

maurice amour take me back

maurice amour

Since then, he’s released several tracks including ‘What Happened To Us’, ‘These People’, ‘Take Me Back’, with most recently ‘Anxious’ and ‘Your Eyes’ added to his repertoire. With over 1000 plays already, Maurice seems to speak of leaving the constructs of the modern world behind to live a more simple life in ‘Take Me Back’. The track features a very upbeat pop sound creating a dreamscape in the mind of all the positive possibilities awaiting for a wandering traveler, hinting at the J.R.R. Tolkien quote “Not all those who wander are lost.”

In contrast, Maurice’s track ‘These People’, both feels and sounds like the artist himself is misunderstood in the world, struggling with not knowing which path or direction to take, while onlookers only see the outer pieces of him and haven’t yet truly seen the sheer depth and intensity that his spirit brings to the table. Having reached over 1.5 million plays on Spotify, consisting of music he has written and released both through his band and individually, Maurice continues to grow his audience that sees an artist and musician who’s both deep and intense in his music.