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Sharing how trusting and communication can make the farthest relationships work Matt LeGrand brings us his new single





Long-distance relationships have their own set of challenges that each partner must face in order to make things work. Due to a job or school opportunities in separate cities,  family obligations, or any other myriad of circumstances, regardless of whether it’s a 3-hour drive or a multi-hour flight away, it’s certainly a testament of how committed each partner is to the relationship itself. From nights spent alone to planning out and scheduling when the next time both partners will see each other, it’s often said that distance makes the heart grow fonder.  In any relationship, communication is certainly the archway keystone, as, without it, things will quickly crumble into a pile of rubble. It doesn’t always have to be a struggle, though; with the right amount of trust, communication, and hard work, partners can learn how to make their romance both survive and thrive despite the many miles between them.
In his new single, ’12:00 AM’, Matt LeGrand taps into the feelings of both anticipation and exhilaration in seeing that special someone after being apart for so long. Matt LeGrand is a 24-year-old musician from Chicago, Illinois. At the age of 7, his family decided to relocate to the US from France, and while growing up, he began to explore and discover the plethora of musical inspirations that the infamous windy city had to offer. Not letting his exploration stop there,  Matt quickly found himself actively learning a wide variety of instruments, including the guitar, drums, and even dabbling with some songwriting; it didn’t take much at all for him to completely fall in love with the craft itself. The biggest inspiration to find a sound all his own finally came after his experimentation with different bands and duos in college. With an ever growing fan-base who call themselves The Legrand Girls, his dalliance in the spotlight has been wildly successful, and the social media maverick continues to generate anticipation. For his major musical influences, he says, “Some of my major musical influences are Chris Martin, Ed Sheeran, Bono, and Tom DeLonge. I always look at how artists are on stage, and more importantly, how they are off the stage. As I walk on the artistic path, it’s very important for me to look up to those that have a good balance between both!”



Produced by Elvis “Blac Elvis” Williams (Fergie’s ‘London Bridge’, Usher’s ‘Lil Freak’, and Beyonce’s ‘Ego’), Matt’s new single, ’12:00 AM’ is a sleek ode to his club audience with its slick production, booming beats, and sizzling vocals. His voice drips effortlessly over the synthy melodies, subtle piano, and bumping rhythm, as he anticipates the moment of finally being able to get his hands on the one he loves. Delivering on its promise of those feel-good summertime vibes, it’s pristine pop perfection all wrapped up in very club-friendly aesthetics. When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Matt replies, “This song is about simply missing the one you love. It took only 3 hours to write and record to completion, which is very quick! I recorded it down in ATL with a great team that really showed care for my project. To me ‘12:00 AM’ is more than just a reference of time but a feeling of exhilaration and joy. That feeling of warmth in the chest. ‘12:00 AM’ can be anything that brings you happiness!” His inspiration certainly fits the music video treatment, which plays out its very own love affair with the nightlife. Women in sparkly miniskirts make their way through the streets in search of that thumping, underground oasis where they can completely lose themselves in the music, celebrating the mentality of living in the present moment.

Curious about the inner mind of a young musician, I asked the question of if there was a single message that he would want to put out there to make the world the kind of place that he would aspire to live in, what would that message be and why did he think that message was so important, he responds, “Be patient or you’ll end up being by yourself. This message is important to me because I feel that we need to sit, think, and pray about everything. So many people are easily swept into false promises, false attractions, and illusions. In my experience, impulsive decisions have ended up being bad more often than good and I’ve had to deal with the consequences of some of those decisions. Don’t get me wrong though, everything in life has some sort of risk factor. Nothing is ever 100%, and during my short 24 years on this earth so far, I’ve found that sitting quietly is an art and it’s a practice that’s never-ending. It’s a practice that I hope more people want to experience with.” Being mindful and not a full mind is a very important aspect of life.