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I met Marta a few years ago, when her career as blogger was still just in dream phase. Today I interview her as one of the most important fashion bloggers in Spain and the wonderful thing, that was completely notable, was how she has managed to preserve her sweetness even after her increase in popularity and fame status.

For those novices to this new It girl Marta Carriedo, she describes herself as a normal girl, cheerful, funny, optimistic and talkative. Never would anyone believe that she studied economics at the Autonomous University of Madrid and worked as an Auditor. But with an innate passion for fashion, Marta’s then hobby would soon turn her into a fashion success story.

Marta’s success really took shape when Director of Grazia magazine Charo Izquierdo, suggested including Marta’s blog in the popular magazine. After her incredible period with the team at Grazia, Hola magazine then showcased her blog on their Hola platform, which propelled her to instant fame as a leading fashion blogger in Spain.

Welcoming us into her mostly white, discreet, and subtle abode (an interior that reflects the blogger herself), she settles down to take us into the world of this loveable fashion blogger.

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Who have been your biggest supporters?

MC: My mother, sister, father and my boyfriend, thanks to them, I am now who I am.

What inspires you when creating your outfits?

MC: My inspiration and styles come from everything around me. Books, characters, movies, people on the street; I believe that to inspire others, it is more natural if you give your personal touch. Though I will say that one of my fashion icons is Olivia Palermo. Her look is very elegant and smart.

What makes you different from other Spanish bloggers?

MC: There are two things that make me different from the others: my video shopping, and my interviews to different categories of people, it is really an eclectic mix and not just fashion people.

I also always like to answer to all my followers, it’s one of the best things that I love about my job and I think this is another thing that may make me different from other bloggers.

How would you define your style?

MC: My style can be described as a merge of classic with young modern touches.

If you had to choose any perfume in the world as your signature perfume what would it be?

MC: For me it would be Coco Mademoiselle. Chanel


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As a Spanish native do you have that classic English word that you constantly love to say?

MC: Of course yes! “Unbelievable” (for Spanish people is really funny pronounce this English word)

Through your blogs we’ve noticed that you are still a bit of a romantic, what is your idea romantic night?

MC: In a minimalist hotel with a large Jacuzzi with rose petals.

As a strikingly beautiful blogger we are curious to know your preference when it comes to men as you must be constantly fanning them away; so define your perfect guy?

MC: May perfect guy consists of: Tall, strong, dark and light eyes.

Are you one of those who still believes in love at first sight?

MC: Yes, in fact that is how it began with my boyfriend who I had a crush on first.

The perfect compliment?

MC: When I wake up each morning and my boyfriend tells me how pretty I am. Men must always be thoughtful with women. That is imperative for me.

What’s the soundtrack to Marta Carriedo’s life?

MC: I don’t want to miss a thing, Aerosmith I just love this song.

What would be Marta’s favourite book?

MC: The time between seams. María Dueñas.

Where would be your most loved and recommended restaurant?

MC: I think it would have to be Quintin Restaurant, in Madrid. It is one of my favourites.

Do you have any designers that are your most loved?

MC: Yes! Juan Duyos. Angel Schlesser. David Christian. I just adore these designers!

What are your essential clothing items?

MC: For me it definitely has to be jeans and white shirt these items you can never go wrong with.


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After my interview with Marta Carriedo, I discovered that Marta still remained very much the normal feminine beauty that she has always been and that if you want something strongly enough, with effort you can achieve it. Hard work yields results if Marta is any example at all it is that dreams can come true. Therefore many thanks to Marta Carriedo, for giving us the opportunity of sharing with us her home, her life and especially herself. DIFORM wishes Marta Carriedo the very best for the future.

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