Men’s Style Guide


In recent years, men became more fashion conscious and we love the fact that they started experimenting with their own style regardless of anyone else’s opinions. Men became open-minded when it comes to fashion not sticking to the classics only. There are no more ‘girl’ patterns, colors and designs since everyone has the right to wear what they like. Vintage fashion became a necessity for most men, and some even exchange clothes with their girlfriends, because there’s not a single reason why they shouldn’t be doing that. Having your personal style and minding your own business already makes you cool, but here are some tricks on how to double your coolness.

Royal vibes

Blue is the color of the sea, sky and blood. Fair enough to include this color in your summer wardrobe. When we think of a classy color that suits every man, this is what pops into our mind. There are so many ways to pair blue with other fashion items in different colors. However, this season, blue on blue is the new denim on denim trend. Blue shorts and a blue shirt or t-shirt is a dreamy summer combo for every occasion. It leaves a classy impression and guys look ten times hotter wearing it. Just make sure to avoid the same shades of blue because your outfit would blend together and you’d lose the swagger. Our friendly suggestion would be to go darker with the bottoms and to leave brighter shades of blue for your upper part. Complement this look with some cool shades like vintage skinny shades, round or rectangular Ray-Bans and white sneakers. Blue also matches beige, so think of some deadly combinations you could use for the summer to look stylish.

Express yourself without speaking

Just because you dress “differently” doesn’t make you a unique person. These days, everyone can be dressed in labels or chic clothes head to toe while having a dull interior. Uniqueness comes from within and it doesn’t necessarily have to be connected with your clothing style. However, you can always express your attitude and daily mood through urban wear t-shirts with a statement logo or graphic and let everyone read your thoughts for that day. It’s a cool way to show who you are without introducing yourself, plus you’ll already cooler than the rest.

Men style guide

Orange is the new black

You don’t say? Neon orange is the dopest color you can get right now and girls aren’t the only ones wearing trendy clothes in this color. Men are obsessing over this shade big time and it’s one of the boldest hues that became ubiquitous in the world of fashion. Although many of you must be skeptical of matching orange with other colors, there’s no room for panic because it’s totally wearable when it comes to casual clothes. Orange is perfect when combined with neutrals, but you shouldn’t stop at these hues. You can always color block it with yellow, pink or even purple. On the other hand, if you’re not bold enough to try these colors that resemble Beyoncé’s iconic dress, you can always stay on the safe side by mixing it with navy or grey. If orange is still not your best pick but you love the idea of it, you can always choose less striking clothing items to wear in that color like a tie, a pocket square, socks or even a belt. Think outside the box, adjust the details to your own style and don’t let the hater comments stop you from living your best fashion life.

Never be afraid to dress the way you like as long as it perfectly represents who you are on the inside. Take these summer tips into account and dive into your own shade of cool.