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2014 was the year of bold brows, “on point” winged liner and rigorous Kim K inspired contouring routines. From what we have seen on the runways for 2015 we can already begin to make predictions of up and coming trends so let’s discuss what is in store for us in the year ahead.

Left Image- Estilode Luxe, Centre Image- Pop Sugar, Right Image- Pinterest.

No-Makeup makeup

It’s about remaining youthful and radiant without over-doing it. You will still go the whole nine yards using every product available to woman but they will be applied in a way that appears natural. On a daily basis, 2015 is about keeping with your natural undertones and embracing your existing features (goodbye harsh contouring routines). It’s time to bring out the BB creams, bronzers and light brow powders. Don’t forget that subtle shine with a highlighter to restore natural glow, just nothing too exaggerated. This is a look that’s easy to pull off and amazing for everyday wear so once you perfect the “no-makeupmakeup routine that works for you, this will be your go-to look.

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Bold Lips

While 2014 was all about the nude lips, we have Kylie Jenner to thank for that of course, this year is focussed on the flaming oranges, berry reds and vampy burgundy shades. We have already seen Burberry, Missoni and many more take note on this trend rocking the runways with bright and bold hues. With crazy lip colours being available from all brands and price points, it’s time to stock your collection with the bold lip staples. If you aren’t looking to invest in a bunch of new makeup, the only four colours you will need are orange, red, burgundy and magenta. The brighter the better, that way you can combine them with a nude gloss or start out with a pale lip liner to dull down the colours depending on the occasion. This leaves room for versatility and creativity so you can match your lips with you mood.


Left Image- Harper’s Bazaar, Right Image- Beauty For Brides.

Soft and fine lines

It’s a large contrast from the bold winged liner that took over 2014 but we can expect to see lightly flicked out wings and softly filled in brows. Being lighter handed with the brush strokes is a big must this year to help tie into the “no-makeupmakeup look. Substituting liquid and gel liner with charcoal brown and black eye shadows applied with thin strokes for a more natural finish. Also in place of bold winged liner, in 2015 we see an emerging trend of a clean lid with a crisp pastel pop of colour on the upper lash line. Soft and fine lines on the eyes tie in perfectly with bold lips and it would be a great opportunity to pair the two trends together.

Left Image- Around Makeup, Centre Image- Lash Lamour, Right Image- Pinterest.

Pops of colour

Although makeup is predicted to be more natural this year, when it comes to special occasions it’s time to bust out the bright eye shadow. Pops of colour on the lids have been all over the runways, indicating that we may start rocking purples and greens for those party eyes. It varies anywhere between a light brush of green in the crease to a full eyelid packed with purple. It’s really up to your personal preference with this one but incorporating some colour into your night looks for 2015 could be a fun challenge to try. Especially since a lot of us girls get stuck in the grey and black smoky eye, rut. A bit of coloured eye shadow immediately transforms a makeup look, it’s simple yet effective. Just wait for the compliments to roll in because everyone stops to admire a bit of colour.

As always, makeup is a personal expression of you so have fun and be creative. With that being said, definitely give these trends a go since you might find one you fall in love with and looks incredible on you.
Editor: Florence Bailey