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…some of this generation’s most spellbinding, infectious, rock music

The extraordinary pop rock singer Laura Pergolizzi (her pseudonym being LP) is a beautiful compound of music, charisma, individualism and flair with powerful vocals to support LP’s defining music. Releasing three albums and one EP with the fourth album currently in the works, LP arguably creates the embodiment of all that alternative rock music may have been missing.

Featured in Interview Magazine earlier this year and Vogue’s artist of the week 2012 not to mention writing for some the world’s most recognized pop artists of our day from Florence & The Machine to Rihanna and Christina Aguilera along with collaborating with Grammy-Winning songwriter Billy Steinberg . Also under the American alt-rock singer/songwriters belt, is a host of some of this generation’s most spellbinding, infectious, alt-rock music LP seems set to be a serious game-changer as far as new alt-rock artists are concerned.

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…LP’s solemn wail, allows the lyrics behind the music to become ever more potent

LP’s voice has the capacity to echo through every vessel that courses through your veins, which for any singer/songwriter in this genre is an incredibly mean feat to achieve. You need only listen to the haunting country licks in Muddy Waters, accompanied by LP’s solemn wail, allows the lyrics behind the music to become ever more potent once sung, only in the way in which LP seems to effortless convey.

Although mentioned in many comparative examples of who LP music draws reference too, it has to be agreed that Lost On You irrefutably does well to draw reference to Janis Joplin with, bizarrely enough, some hints of a more contemporary (significantly edgier) Patsy Cline.


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On the offset with the title LP and her rock-chic appearance what is heard from the intoxicating vocal prowess of Laura Pergolizzi may render most in utter shock. Her vocals resonate force in total contrast to the petite frame of the woman that you will see before you. But once you commit yourself to listening to LP, many may be left with nothing other than complete respect for the artist as a musician, singer songwriter and as ‘an artists’ by every sense of the word. And although in contrast to her lyrics LP seems that she may actually be one of the last of her kind.