Interior Design Style Guide  – Home Help Tips To Get You Through The COVID-19 Effect

Low Budget Decorating Ideas To Freshen Up Your Home_whyttheadline

COVID-19 has turned out to be the perfect opportunity to redecorate your home, with the nation stuck inside with many at a loss for how to fill their free time. But we are still limited on supplies, and many of us money in this difficult situation.

If you’re starting to think about how you can maximise your living space with low-cost updates, The Lighting Superstore has rounded up its favourite budget home improvements…

#1 Wood panelling


From re-claimed wood planks to square and half wall panelling, panelled walls give rooms an immediate re-fresh, adding character, texture and depth.

Historically, panelled walls were made from wood, but MDF is a cost-effective alternative that gives the same effect once painted – and can be done using glue or DIY panelling kits.

#2 Declutter and organise


Two Blue Metal Storage BoxesReducing visual clutter will immediately form a greater sense of space and order – perfect for when it comes to socialising with family and friends at home.

Invest in clever (and inexpensive) storage solutions like under-bed boxes, add ceiling-height cabinets with a sliding ladder, or stack vintage suitcases to make a bedside table.

#3 Create a photo wall


In the digital age, printed photos are often forgotten about but when displayed on a wall in different shapes, sizes and frames, they can add a statement feature that’s personal to you.

Play with composition – especially in areas like stairways or hallways, where walls are often bare and uninspired.

For a minimal look, stick to same size photo frames and colour palette.

#4 Update the staircase


An out of date staircase can make a poor first impression on visitors and can even lower your property’s value.

You can bring your staircase up to scratch without spending a fortune. Replacing the banister is an easy and inexpensive way to freshen things up.

You could also remove the under stairs cupboard to create a more versatile open-plan space.

If you have wooden stairs, give the bannister or steps a new lick of paint or quirky stencil design. For a quicker yet chic update, invest in a carpet runner and stair rods.

#5 Mirror mirror


Using the power of reflection, hanging mirrors can instantly make a small room feel lighter and larger.

To get light bouncing around the room, place mirrors opposite a window or door.

For small rooms, place two mirrors of the same size opposite each other to create the illusion that it is bigger.

#6 Re-arrange the layout


If you’re feeling a bored with how a room looks and functions, it’s time to re-arrange the layout.

Choose a focal point in the room, like a window or fireplace, to arrange your furniture around. Create social spaces by positioning sofas and chairs facing each other, with any tables at arm’s length.

Balance is also key when it comes to positioning large and small items; make sure not to group large furniture in one side of the room which can make the space feel uncomfortable on the eye.

Try not to position large items of furniture in front of radiators, as doing so will restrict the flow of hot air around the room.

#7 Create a feature wall


If your room needs some TLC, create a feature wall using wallpaper or paint to add some pizzazz and texture.

When designing your feature wall, think about the furniture and accessories already in the space. Keep to the same theme, like vintage, botanical or scandi minimal so you don’t overwhelm the room.

The overall cost for this update will depend on what you ultimately choose, but it doesn’t have to be expensive to have the W-O-W factor.

#8 Light it up


Swapping out your current lights for new ones is a simple yet highly effective re-decorating move that can breathe new life into any room.

Think about what activities take place in the room (eating, relaxing, working) and what key features you want to highlight.

Layering lighting can create ambience and interest. Uplighting makes small dark rooms seem larger, low hung pendant lights create a sense of height if you have a low ceiling and table lamps placed in corners can make a large space feel cosier.