London Grammar

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London Grammar is a band that has emerged literally out of nowhere. The awesome trio consists of Hannah Reid (lead vocalist), Dan Rothman (guitarist) who originally met at Nottingham University and was joined a year later by Dominic ‘Dot’ Major (keyboard, djembe, drums). With this combination of talent and a chilled out, relaxed, soothing sound it was obvious that they would magnetically attract attention and popularity, the only question was how much? The lead vocalist Hannah Reid’s voice has had many comparisons to Jessie Ware, which is a huge accolade to her already astounding voice. As a band they posted their first track Hey Now online and received more than 3 million plays to their amazement. Shortly after university the band was signed by ministry of sound in 2012. Their debut album was released in September 2012 and climbed to No. 2 in the UK charts and sold 250,000, not bad for a group that didn’t have much fame or theatrics. And for a band that is a ghost in their hometown it is quite the opposite in Australia. In Australia they are superstars, being claimed by them as Australia’s very own as they first played their music on the Sydney Morning Herald(Australian radio station) and thus have been officially approved as an Australian band. This year this ghostlike band will be performing at the Glastonbury Festival 2014 in Pilton, and I am sure they will deliver an epic performance and draw in much deserved attention.

London Grammar in black and white

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My first encounter with this band was from a video a friend sent me with them covering In For The Kill – Laroux on BBC 1xtra’s live lounge.  As a lover of originality I was quite skeptical but as Hannah began signing all my worries we set to rest. She has a marvelous mesmerizing voice with a sultry sound. After listening to the cover I delved straight into their début album If You Wait. I think for the whole duration of the album I was left speechless and entranced, I could listen to their music everyday. A few of their songs have been on regular rotation in my enormous iTunes library for the past year. Listening to their material can be compared to being coaxed into a dreamlike state but yet still conscious of your surroundings, now if that isn’t power I don’t know what is? The album was beautiful and simply perfect for a debut album. What a way to introduce yourself to the masses! This ghostlike band I am sure won’t be unheard of for much longer. London Grammar remember the name.

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London Grammar – In For The Kill– (La Roux Cover)






Words By Music Writer: Kelvin B. Johnson
Editor: Florence Bailey