Next Generation Fashion Presents
A Pop Up Like No Other With London Design Collective During This Month’s London Fashion Week.


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British brands have a way of creating some of the most innovative, striking, edgy and more often than not, timeless pieces. Independent emerging fashion brands have now begun to wield the power of collaboration to aid them in building lasting and effective relationships between businesses and consumers. Paving the way are many young design brands such as REIN London, (worn by Kendall Jenner, Jessie J and Lady Gaga) Tramp In Disguise previously featured (read full feature here) and Conflict Of Ego. These designers are also a part of the composite of pioneering brands that make-up London Design Collective (LDC) steadily growing into a household name of their own, fostering the next generation of emerging fashion houses.


As a united force LDC is able to react and move dynamically, to shape the future of experience led retail. – REIN LONDON


Co-founders of emerging womenswear brand REIN London, an empowering. feminist. women’s fashion house; built upon a contemporary and forward thinking design approach, officially launched what is now known as London Design Collective in 2016 as an innovative answer for emerging fashion designers trying to target their consumers in a difficult economical climate. LDC have now teamed up with this London Fashion Week to bring together 9 other LFW designers for their next event. Bridging the gap between commerce and high fashion and with an ardent desire to harness their collective power in order to reach their customers directly stating that “As a united force LDC is able to react and move dynamically, to shape the future of experience led retail” – Rein London; LDC will bring to their buyers what is promised to be an exciting, unique and individual brand experience by showcasing this next pop-up shop event hosted on the 17-21st February 10am -7pm daily, during this Fashion Week. Giving buyers an opportunity to preview and purchase each designer’s newest collection and meet the founders directly.


For the opportunity to attend this exciting event and for Full Information on the event and brands exhibited can be seen below:

Event Details:
Date: 17-21st February 2017
Time: 10am -7pm
Location: 44 Great Russell Street – W1CB 3PA

Full List Of LDC Brands:
REIN London womenswear (
Phannatiq womenswear (
EKRIA jewellery (
Conflict Of Ego womenswear (
Packlite accessories (
Petriiski womenswear (
Tramp In Disguise (
MBotanicals (
Park&James (