An exploration of the relationship between brother and sister, culture and identity Fashion Scout Presentation

Livia Tang AW19 9

Livia Tang London based brand aimed at young people with a purpose of delving into the curiosities of cultural identity. Livia Tang moved to the UK in 2008 and went onto graduate from the University for the Creative Arts in Rochester in 2014. Afterward she went onto work closely with other designers before launching her own label in 2017.

Her work is intimate and modest, aimed to reflect the anxieties and naivety of youth in a playful way. In her last collection she toyed with youthful outfits of dresses and A-lined skirts, with classical silhouettes but slanted hems and asymmetrical patterned collars to symbolise the playfulness of youth and the preservation of naivety.

Her AW19 collection titled, ‘A Tea Ceremony’ is inspired by the special bond between siblings, in particular twins combined with Japanese textiles. She seemed interested in sisterhood and brotherhood and expressed this with a medley of masculine fabrics like corduroy embellished with lame women jacquard that has feminine undertones. The fabrics are double sided to enhance the ‘twin look.’ She used natural materials and processes to create sustainable fabrics. Not only is this good for the environment she is also creating a sense of durability that is found in the often-fractious relationship between sister and brother, it endures above all else.

Livia Tang AW19 4

Livia Tang AW19 5

Photo Credit: Fashion Scout

She used traditional Japanese weaving techniques to create wonderful floral tapestries and patchwork that undulated her pieces. The exhibition was set up like a tea party with a table on the right side laid out with tea pots, oranges and other ceramic trinkets. The models all adorned with these wonderful pieces also had ruffled, messy hair that appeared childlike with ridiculous pink make up, strewn in blots across their faces to further encapsulate the innocence of youth. Each in turns approached the table and poured themselves a glass of ‘tea’ and with the solution blew bubbles into the audience. Two of the models stood together and walked toward the table together, like twins they were inseparable.

The blowing bubbles aspect was obviously another demonstration of the playful, childlike nature the show expressed but also was possibly to highlight the need to preserve the joys of youth as alike to bubbles it rises and dissipates too quickly.

The collection in total was an excellent display of youthful charm coupled with intelligently woven material’s and an importance harking to not only to the innocence of youth but also to the indestructible bond between brother, sister, culture and identity.