Live Like Don Draper: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Mad Man Inspired Home

featuredThe Ultimate Guide to Creating a Mad Man Inspired Home

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The real beauty of the interior design is not in the style you chose, or the color combo you decide to go for. Its real beauty is hidden in the fact that interior design allows you to express your personality throughout your home and create a perfect little stylish nest.

To bring the ultimate touch of style to your home, you should look no further than the Mid-century Modern style that has that desirable vintage vibe but also oozes sophistication and luxury. If you’ve ever watched Mad Men, you know what we’re talking about. If not, read on to find out.

Mid-Century Modern

The Mid-century Modern design is characterized by clean lines and geometric shapes combined with warm colors and usually softened angles. The emphasis in this design is on function, above all else, simple forms and organic influence. Woodwork ornaments are another trademark of this design as well as symmetry. Mismatched furniture pieces and pieces from multiple decades could also be found in Mid-century Modern homes because most families from this period collected their family belongings over time.


1.The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Mad Man Inspired Home

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The color palette used in this design was bright and vibrant. However, instead of incorporating these colors by using a few accent pieces here and there, the designers of the time decided to introduce them with much larger, focal-point pieces such as the furniture itself. To replicate the look in your home, create an accent wall by painting it in a bright, vibrant red for example, and reupholster large furniture pieces in another “typically ‘60s” color. Finally, add a few throw pillows with geometric patterns, a wooden coffee table and a couple of side tables with clean, modern lines.


2 (1)The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Mad Man Inspired Home

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The furniture most commonly used in this design shares a few common traits – bold colors, peg legs and fine craftsmanship. Leather sofas with curved edges and bulky, curved arm holders were also a huge hit in the ‘60s and they usually featured symmetrical studded details. While obtaining an original piece of furniture from this time period would cost you a pretty penny, nowadays, you can easily find replica furniture, such as a comfortable replica Eames chair or a Chesterfield sofa, to complete your living room design without spending a fortune.



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Wood is a very popular design element in almost any style. That’s why it’s no surprise that wooden wall panels were such a hit. Almost every house that featured Mid-century Modern design featured wall panels as well, but the problem was – since these panels came in every possible style, finish and price range – that they usually looked tacky. However, the wood paneling in the Draper apartment was hardwood and not just some cheap replica. So, if you decide to add these to your home, splurge a bit on the real deal to prevent your home from looking cheap.



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Since this style focuses mainly on functionality, there were not many accessories that didn’t have an additional purpose. This means that the main accessories were usually accent pillows, interesting lamps and lamp shades, and some intricate woodwork (usually on big furniture pieces). So, when decorating your home, try to find some interesting lamps made of glass or ceramic in earthy tones. However, if the lamp base is bright and heavily ornamented, find a shade that’s subdued in color and pattern (neutrals are the best way to go) and vice versa. Graphic pillows and wall art are also worthy mentions; just make sure they fit the overall theme and don’t clash with other designs.

As you can see, creating a Mid-century Modern design in your home is not that difficult, but there are a lot of things you need to be careful with, especially when talking about matching the designs and colors. However, with some creativity and a few helpful tips and guidelines, you’ll be able to create a look Don Draper himself would be jealous of. And remember, as the man himself would say “Make it simple, but significant.” So, what are you waiting for? Get down to work!