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Multi-talented comes to mind when you look at Laura Fay Lewis’ impressive résumé. She graduated from the Juilliard School (Drama Division) and is a founding member of the Tribeca Lab Theatre, Indies Lab and the New York Professional Ensemble Group where she played in various leading and supporting roles in classic as well as modern plays.

An award nominated actress, published poet and filmmaker, Laura Fay has directed and starred in music videos “Been There” and “What’s The Rush, Superstar?” for her band The Blisstones, and was nominated for Best Actress and Best Short Film in The Picture Start Film Festival. In Films and TV, she has played an Appalachian woman, a serial killer, a high school principal counselling a bullied teen, a grifter, a Hassidic mother, and a homeless woman just to name a few.

Her documentary film “The Empty Handed Painter”, features an in-depth interview with Warhol era painter and raconteur Tony Masaccio who died in 2012 of pancreatic cancer. A section of her documentary was licensed from Laura Fay by the German TV Company 3B Productions and used for their comprehensive 4 part series called Art and Crime. This documentary film was recently screened at the Golden Door International Film Festival in Jersey City, NJ.

Inspired by her real life friendship and adventures with Tony Masaccio. She then wrote a feature film screenplay with the same title. Her story and script centres around art scandals, lost love and based on true events. The film is in pre-production with certain talent such as director Johnny Greenlaw, whose recently released film “Mommy’s Box” received rave reviews, and actor as well as Founder & President of the Golden Door International Film Festival Bill Sorvino, and Laura Fay Lewis as well.

But that’s not all. She is currently co-writing and co-executive producing a screenplay with the writer of this article for a feature film entitled Ella and Marilyn, based on the friendship that the two icons shared.

Stating that one of her favourite quotes is: “ Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” – Ella Fitzgerald

Laura Fay Lewis as a painter, has had her artwork showcased in solo and group art shows in New York and some of her work can now be found in private collections throughout the USA and Europe. You can view her work on her website:

Following is an interview with Laura Fay Lewis.


All images provided by Laura Fay Lewis

Laura Fay, which of your many talents came first and how did that cross over to your other creative talents?

LFL: I was an artist first, then discovered a love for singing in church programs and musicals. Then came drama productions in high school and college. I found art again when I hung out with some famous art world figures, painters and sculptors who encouraged me to keep creating art.

Did any particular person influence or inspire you in any of your talents and if so, who?

laura-fay-lewis-ben-strohmann-1-1LFL: Quite a few actually. I would have to say my mom who provided endless encouragement and support for my work. My two favourite acting coaches, the late great Charlie Laughton and Marian Seldes.

What would your dream acting role be and why?

LFL: Marlene Dietrich. Because she was provocative and ahead of her time.

Who would be your favourite co-star?

LFL: Robert Downey Jr.

As an actress, what do you consider to be the greatest challenges?

LFL: Finding quality stories and scripts to interpret, and inspire audiences with.

What other projects do you intend to work on in the future?

LFL: A sexy thriller and a revolutionary drama.

Editor: Florence Bailey