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Katey Brooks searches for emotional integrity in new single “All Of Me”

Katey Brooks Arms Up by John Morgan

Image Credit: LPR Agency

With stunningly pure and tender vocals that soar atop gentle guitar, Katey Brook’s single “All Of Me” is a true emotive triumph. The song is a narration of calling someone out on their indecision and you can definitely hear the ache in her tone as she passionately begs for answers. “It was inspired by a personal situation with someone I was prepared to give my world to. They proclaimed deep love, but then proceeded to behave in ways that were completely incongruent with that proclamation, “ Brooks reveals.

Katey brooks is a clear-eyed rebel whose songwriting talent has been compared to Jeff Buckley. With a coloured musical journey spanning over four continents, she’s certainly seen it all. Playing intimate living rooms and dive bars to lavish concert halls, she continues to amaze audiences with her raw and remarkable folk/soul. Her latest London gig in St Pancreas confirming her incredible talent and ability to make an audience cling to not only her performance but every note.


Image Credit: LPR Agency

Growing up in a cult, music became Brook’s outlet from that chaotic upbringing. When she was only 22 her mom became very ill and died and shortly after her best friend went missing and also died. “I guess I’m lucky that I have songs that I can write, as a means to deal with things,” she explains. All the hardships she faced could have dragged her under, but instead they only empowered her to push that much harder. From her rocky past to turbulent relationships there is never a shortage of inspiration to guide her craft.

Brooks has attained success recording with the likes of Brian May (Queen), Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones) and Paloma Faith at Abbey Road, for BBC Radio 2’s Children in Need single. She’s played some of the world’s biggest festivals including Glastonbury, WOMAD, the 2012 Paralympics, and Australia’s National Folk Festival. “All of Me” is yet another example of her extraordinary musicianship.