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With over 35,000 visitors to her blog and venturing on an accessories label V for Visala is taking the blogging world by storm.V for Visala has a thirst for fashion and adventure with each instagram post leading her down a new path, not to mention her recent feature on Mulberry’s instagram account. Her style entrance is a unique approach of mixing patterns and colours, making her a budding style icon in her own right along with her own online store We-ar-ble she is taking the world by storm. Digital Fashion Platform wanted to have a quick chat with the creative beauty behind the blog.


V for Visala at Mr. Beckham’s & Shoppes Four Seasons

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Your blog is so multifaceted, what’s your favourite part, beauty, design or fashion?

VISALA: FASHION. It was my passion that drives my motivation to keep on blogging, creating interesting content that I hope can inspire people. Without fashion, the blog won’t have a leg to stand on.

Who is your favourite designer at the moment?

VISALA: Vivienne Westwood has always been my answer. But for “this” moment, I’m going for Jean Paul Gaultier. I always give full respect on this talented rebellious designer, after visiting his exhibition in London this summer and knowing that he’s stepping out of RTW to concentrate on Couture, his courageous and noble attitude on pursuing he’s explosive creativity is something that I honour.

Where did you grow up?

VISALA: Hong Kong, the city where people hardly get satisfaction in anything. I see it as an energetic vibe that keeps us chasing after what we want. Yet I considered myself more of an Australian.

We see you have a store opening soon on your blog, can you let us in on what fashion goodies you have in store for your readers?

VISALA: Do you mean WE.AR.ABLE (www.We-ar-able.com)? It’s an accessories-focused online store that distributes selective items designed (and even hand made) by designers around Asia. I am so into the up-and-coming emerging fashion labels that I would like to find a platform to promote them. And speaking of accessories focused, I’m also actually preparing to launch my own accessories label LUCID, super exciting!

V for Visala showcasing one of her favourite designers on We-ar-able

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This sounds like very exciting times for you. Now we know you’ve met fashion blogger extraordinaire Rumi Neely, but how was that experience?

VISALA: I’ll never forget that experience in my life! I got so nervous that day that I actually changed 3 outfits before getting myself out of the house haha…. Rumi is really a sweet and easy-going blogger, her personality totally reflects on her dressing style, which I’m sure we are all familiar with – down to earth and straightforward.

What other fashion bloggers inspire you?

VISALA: Gary Pepper’sbreath-taking photos,

Shine by Three’sbubbly personality and crazy working effort

Kayture’struthfulness and passion, which has reflected through her long paragraphs,

Zanita’slaid back yet chic mix of classics and contemporary,

Chriselle Lim’selegance and grace.

What is your favourite part about being a fashion blogger?

VISALA: I see blogging as a self-explorative journey, where I have been constantly going through lots of self-evaluation processes that are ultimately shaping me into the type of person that I want to be. And of course, having the chance to meet different people (e.g. remarkable stylist, fashion insiders, editors, etc.), and being able to see the latest fashion ahead is always the fun part of being a blogger.

BTS from Cross the Line Campaign

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You were featured on the Mulberry Instagram account, how do you feel when these surreal moments happen to you?

VISALA: It wakes me up better than any alarm does, literally! I have this morning habit of checking instagram and email once I open my eyes (not even considered myself as ‘awake’ yet), and I was shocked seeing a full page of Instagram notification on my home screen, the next second, I was fully awake. I grab my dog and jump up and down on my bed – though I do think she got a bit annoyed that I disturbed her from sleeping haha.

Top 5 songs in your music playlist right now?

VISALA: Lana Del Rey “Ultraviolence’

Guns N’ Roses “Don’t Cry”

Sam Smith “Lay Me Down”

Queen “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Martin Garrix “Animals”

What’s your favourite piece in your wardrobe right now?

VISALA: A black blazer featuring hand drawn bird prints designed by Hong Kong designer label Blind by JW, a handmade transparent clutch from Japanese designer M.A.M.E, and a Rider bag from Loeffler Randall.

Tell us about your accessory designs?

VISALA: It’s called LUZID, I got the name by mixing the word “lucid” and my nick name “VIZ”. The label is about exploring the relationship between space, contrast and shapes through the use of marble-alike acetate mixing with different kinds of conventional materials in creating something extraordinary.

V for Visala meeting FashionToast blogger Rumi Neely

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How do you get inspiration for your designs?

VISALA: Everything around my life. The landscapes and architectures in Hong Kong and Sydney, a random page spread in magazine, the blurry visions I see when I am not wearing glasses (or contacts lenses).

Any exciting collaborations on the horizon for V for Visala?

VISALA: In fact there is!

  1. I have just confirmed coming on as a guest blogger in StylebyAsia.com where I will be producing weekly features focusing on designers and fashion forward boutiques in Hong Kong!
  2. I’m also organizing a pre-Christmas event together with CrossTheLine, an online store in Hong Kong that carries similar vision as mine (WE.AR.ABLE): to support and promote Hong Kong creative talents. It is also the launch event for CrossTheLine and we are doing the shooting after 2 days, super excited!

These are the confirmed ones for the last 2 months of 2014, and I’m sure you’ll know it immediately via Instagram and my blog if there’s any new updates.

With her guest blogging feature approaching, there’s a bright future ahead for V for Visala so make sure to follow her journey via her social media below:

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Words By Fashion Writer: Aicha Robertson
Editor: Florence Bailey