Between the streets of London and Oslo is Swedish Born artist JANOS


As the world adopts a new normal of social distancing, many people are finding creative new ways to pass the time. From table tennis balls bouncing on pots into a solo cup or a race between colored marbles complete with professional sports commentary, the amount of human creativity being shown is astounding. There are also manufacturers re-tooling their production lines to produce much needed protective equipment for people facing the pandemic on a daily basis; distilleries are making hand sanitizer and face shields are being made by various other industries. While some people might be thriving in this new normal, others might be sinking into a deep depression or anxiety about a future that remains uncertain and unpredictable. Drugs, alcohol, or other addictions are all too often used as a coping mechanism to mask or numb our emotions and putting our mental health into serious jeopardy. Some people might be suffering in silence with not knowing who to talk to or how to ask for the help they really need. Even though we aren’t able to physically connect with a hug, we are being shown on a global scale that a connection of the heart is so much more important, as it reminds us all that we are not alone in the world. By checking in with those we care about and asking them how they are doing or how they are feeling, it can go a long way in helping someone through their emotions in such a difficult time; a phone call or a text message could be the virtual hug that someone needs right when they need it the most. In his new single, ‘Sicky/Sticky’, Swedish artist Janos delves into the underground of drowning your worries while still hoping it’s not too late to reach your dreams, with an infectious, feel-good vibe and a dance-worthy sound that’s uplifting even in the most darkest of times.

JANOS is an Oslo/London-based Swedish-born artist who started his music career in Sweden in 2015, yet began his musical journey as a teenager. “I guess I always wanted to write songs and create stuff. I would say learning to play guitar got me started at like 14-ish, when I realized I could put words on chords and make something for me that meant something to me,” he recalls. After years of performing with other bands, the artist finally took the leap to go it alone, which set him free to create the music that is true to who he really is and currently spends his time between the streets and pubs of Oslo and London.


With an ever-changing and wide variety of influences, Janos is always looking to evolve his unique sound. Explaining further about his influences, “My sound is something that’s constantly evolving I would say. Or anyway I would like it to be constantly moving places. Inspiration to me is like a flowing thing that goes through many styles and artists and so on, so I don’t wanna be locked down with one sound… BUT if I have to name influences I would probs say, Tallest Man on Earth, Bruno Mars, The 1975 and Mac DeMarco – that’s the vibe on what’s out right now anyway. And the new stuff coming would add some Anderson Paak and Her’s I guess. Also some boy pablo bedroom vibes.”

His newest single, ‘Sicky/Sticky’, features soulfully distinct vocals, funky guitars, and fusing his newfound love of jazz with a big, bold brass sound that creates the ultimate groove-fuelled track. When asked about the inspiration behind his new single, Janos replies, “It’s a soul-pop-Rnb- kinda vibe, check out The 1975 meets Bruno Mars meets dark lyrics. It’s a song about hibernation, wasting time to feel less while you hope the world with all the goals, ambitions and demands is still there when you get out. It came about while I was doing just that, hiding away from myself, so when I got out of that kinda dark place I had to record it. The amazing Marcus Forsgren did the mix and recording at Paradiso Studio and its got my insanely cool band on it too, horns and all!”

Wondering if the young artist had any further wisdom to share with others, I asked if there was a single message that he would want to put out there to make the world the kind of place that he would aspire to live in, what would that message be, he responds, “It would be to not care about others opinions that much, and just do whatever makes you happy man! So many people just stress about what others think, being scared of how they are judged. I get why you do it but you should just learn not to – it makes life less hard.”