Interview With Richard E. Grant


…British, Unique & Individual.

 – Richard E.Grant

Beauty And The Dirt

Bram Stocker’s Dracula, The Corpse Bride, Game Of Thrones, these are just some of the names that may come to mind when you think of this individual and with a career that has spanned across years of success, screenwriter and director Richard E.Grant has added yet another award winning string to his bow with his perfume ‘Jack’.

The juxtaposition of lime, marijuana, mandarin, vetiver, pepper, cloves and gardenias this perfume embodies within its signature scent ‘Jack’ is the name that should be on everyone’s list of must-haves. And if you were lucky enough to have had the privilege of attending the very first Gentleman’s Grooming Show at the end of last year you would have been given the unique opportunity to hear the becoming of this perfume. I spoke with Richard E. Grant to discuss ‘Jack’ and what we can expect to see of the actor and of the brand in the New Year in the interview below:


Powder Cashmere

The launch of ‘The Gentleman’s Grooming Show,’ where you exhibited your fragrance was fantastic but what were your highlights from the show?

R.E.G: Having the opportunity to explain the A-Z of how I started my perfume business and what inspired me to do so.

The presentation you gave on your product mentioned the ingredients you have used in the fragrance. At anytime did you have reservations of not being taken too seriously once you had confirmed your decision upon using these ingredients for this fragrance?

R.E.G: I’ve been led by my nose all my life and JACK is my signature in scent’. I absolutely believe that if you create something that is true to yourself, it will have an authenticity and individuality which will register with customers. The marijuana top note in JACK original has proved a great selling point, as has the inclusion of carrot in COVENT GARDEN and petrol in PICCADILLY ’69. Winning ‘Best Independent fragrance’ last year at the Fragrance Foundation Awards was confirmation that the perfume industry had acknowledged my brand seriously.


Jack Perfume

Your career as an actor has spanned across the film/creative industry for many years. As a successful actor what made you take the decision to produce your own fragrance?

R.E.G: I tried to make scent when I was 12 years old to give to my girlfriend. It took another four decades of secretly dreaming to finally do so. With the encouragement of Anya Hindmarch, I started a company and invested my own money in designing, producing and launching JACK.

How much of the brand is you as a person and how much of the product is you as the performer?

R.E.G: I have combined all my favourite ingredients to conjure up something that I hope is unique. The design of the pillar-box red packaging and sleeving the bottle inside a vintage style Union Jack draw string bag, is all about presentation.

We do hear a lot about celebrities bringing out their own fragrances but your particular fragrance has also been quite successful; To what can you attribute this success to?

R.E.G: I was determined that my brand succeed on its own merit rather than relying on branding it with my name and face. In a market that is so overloaded with corporate giants, there is an element of David and Goliath about creating a ‘One Man Brand’.

Just due to how much humour and energy you place within your work. At any point was the name of the fragrance a play on words?

R.E.G: I chose the name JACK as the bottle comes inside a Union Jack bag with a luggage label attached so that it can be personalised once opened..


jack-richard-e-grant-perfumeBeauty Diaries 

We know that Liberty is the main distributor of Jack but will there be any other concessionaires within other leading department stores?

R.E.G: It is also sold at Fortnum and Mason, andonline at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols and Brown Thomas stores across Ireland.

Do you have plans to stock the brand directly overseas as well?

R.E.G: Currently, it is available at perfumery Aedes de VenustasIn New York and The Scent Bar in Los Angeles.

If you had to condense Jack into 3 words what would they be?

R.E.G: British, Unique & individual.

Can we expect to see an entire beauty line or men’s grooming line from you?

R.E.G: My brand is Unisex and will launching JACK body-wash in 2017.

As we are so used to seeing you on-screen where can we expect to see you next?

R.E.G: LOGAN – the third and final WOLVERINE film opposite Hugh Jackman which is released on the 3rd of March 2017, and THEIR FINEST opposite Bill Nighy, Gemma Arterton and Sam Claflin in April 2017.