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Interview with rising electro-pop artist Leah Kate

Leah Kate

New York based singer Leah Kate exudes an IDGAF attitude with her edgy left of centre pop. Her latest single entitled “Do What I Wanna Do” highlights striking synths and shimmering electronic beats atop soaring vocals. This up-tempo hit is not only dance-worthy, but relatable.

Going through a life long struggle of confidence and self-identity, Leah Kate found an outlet in her creativity, flourishing into the exceptional artist she is today. I had the chance to interview Leah Kate all about what inspires her, her transition from New York to Los Angeles and her fashion week performances.

Your latest single “Do What I Wanna Do” details a secret relationship brought to light, what inspired this?

LK: The frustration behind not being aloud to explore a relationship where someone was pursuing me heavily; all because a bunch of girls would turn against me. Not a fun feeling!!

Have you always considered yourself a pop and electro-pop singer or have you ever experimented with other genres?

LK: Absolutely! The first song I made when I was nine years old was called after “Party” Haha. It was electro pop before it was even in. But I want to explore more R&B in my next record.

Leah Kate 2

What is your writing process like when coming up with a song and where do you usually find inspiration?

LK: My life is a roller coaster of emotions and up and downs! It’s an adventure. I am emotional. And then I write about it. Super straight forward.

Making the move from Los Angeles to New York must have been a big change, how did that transition affect your music?

LK: I had been lost working these desk jobs forever and even got fired from them. Something was brewing inside of me and I felt like I needed to start somewhere fresh and not know many people or feel outside pressure.

You performed at New York and London Fashion Week, can you tell me more about that experience?

LK: I can’t believe my first show was in front of 2000 people it was crazy nerve wracking. Didn’t even know what to do with myself. But it was the most rewarding experience of my life.

Her relatable songs have become her signature the up-tempo sound further allowing for it to be more distinct and I for one look forward to hearing more from what Leah Kate has to come.