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Stopping traffic isn’t easy to do, unless your names are Alan Notkin and Brandon Paddock and make up the L.A based production duo Fancy Cars and stopping traffic is exactly what this band personifies through their sound. Big, dirty pitch-bending synths, a medium tempo groove and trademark percussion sounds, establish Fancy Cars progressive future production sound.

Recently releasing their new single ‘Heart Of Stone’ feat. Foy. A pairing that emphasises all that you will soon love about both producers and vocalist. The same qualities that will leave you needing more of the Fancy Cars fix for the day. Already being compared to Major Lazor, Chainsmokers and Eza, alongside working with and array of vocalist including Bazzi, Foy and SVRCINA, with the support of YourEDM, just to add to their repertoire, it appears that Fancy Cars is soon set to be a household name.

Read what happened when we spoke to Fancy Cars about their new music in our interview below:

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When did you both begin working with one another; how did it all transpire?

B (FC):We met through a friend to work on something completely different years ago and moved into a house in the hills in a group together. At one point Alan was kicking around an early sound of Fancy Cars when he heard the beginnings of I’ll Follow and made a track to it. Within a couple months we knew we had to pursue it as a duo.

Fancy Cars is a provocative name but was that your intention when you both decided this is what we are going to be called?

FC: It’s a lyric from an early unreleased track we were working on. Just sounded right.

How long did it take to write and produce your latest single?

FC: When it’s right it’s never more than 2 or 3 days before it sounds the way it will finished. Sometimes an idea goes a little flat and we kick it around longer/after a break and find the magic then.

How did working with SVRCINA for I’ll follow come about?

A (FC): A writing session setup through her publisher, actually. Svrcina’s publisher has been friends with Brandon for a while and connected Brandon with Svrcina for a writing session. This track was the first and only track to come out of Brandon, Alan and Svrcina working together.

When do you know that this song is ready?

B (FC): We played the song over the phone while Alan was working on it and if I could hear everything on the phone, it was ready. We went back and forth like that 4 or 5 times one night and settled on version 9.4.6 or something.

Do you see yourselves as more pop or EDM or somewhere in between?

FC: Exactly in the middle between the two. We just make electronic music that we love.

How does it feel being compared to the likes of Major Lazor?

FC: Who said that? Definitely a compliment!

With so many social and political changes how do you feel the Trump/Brexit era will change or is changing music?

FC: People definitely have a lot to say, but we don’t think music will change. But if it does, it won’t change for the worse.

What are some of the things that are coming out of music in terms of sounds are you embracing and that you are finding engages you?

FC: We’re happy that excellent song writing has almost become expected in dance music. There are less and less dance hits that rely on one catch phrase the whole song, and it’s really bringing out the diversity of genre available in electronic and dance music.

When you’re not producing what artists are you listening to?

B (FC): My girlfriend makes epic chill playlists so I listen to those… I love Above and Beyond, 1980’s era YES, and recently I was digging singles from Gallant and Flapo.
A (FC): I usually get obsessed with one song at a time, and listen to it on repeat. The most recent one is Son Lux – Easy. Otherwise I mostly hear bass music at my friend’s shows. Spotify and Apple Music are awesome for new music.

How would you like your music to be remembered?

FC: We’d love for people to hear what we hear in it, but love or hate us, we hope they just remember it long after we’re gone.

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