This Is How You Do Punk Pop!


…Turning bad situations into art is definitely a great way to make something sad into good.”


Canadian born 80’s synth alt punk-pop bad girl DYLYN shakes up the music scene with the launch of her debut EP Sauvignon and a Kimono. DYLYN whose mother is Chinese and her father being Scottish/Irish, and one of 2 children, definitely retained the best of the feisty attributes from both her parents diverse backgrounds. With no reservation, the rebellious, sexy and confident female artists wets our appetite with the forceful single ‘Wolf’, a reflection of the post-breakup melancholy that attempted to consume her.


‘beautifully crafted piece of music’.


Channeling her emotions to something other than just simply ripping holes in tights, DYLYN produced the sound of her life, delivered with a cocksure attitude in a sweetly faced, leggy, platinum blonde. “You become reckless, rebellious and ultimately don’t give a shit about other people’s feelings. Mixing the old with the new. It helped pinpoint exactly how I was feeling and I was able to release songs. Everyone goes through experiences in life and regardless of my circumstance I would have found something else to write about. Turning bad situations into art is definitely a great way to make something sad into good.” – DYLYN.

DYLYN gravitated to music at the age of 17 falling more for classic rock, avidly seeking to follow of the footsteps of the likes of David Bowie, and Stevie Nicks, inspirations that drove her career in music, and if you’ve listened to ‘American Nightmare’ or ‘Secret’, the evidence of DYLYN’s talent peaks. It becomes easy to understand why her latest single ‘Wolf’ is beginning to gain a buzz of its own, CLASH describing the single as a ‘beautifully crafted piece of music’.


After taking time to redefine who she is as an individual and cultivating a sound that would make her music instantly recognisable to her listeners, DYLYN graces us with exactly how you create top of the line alt punk-pop music with the slogan “boss” splattered all over it, her hair in the wind, middle fingers up, and the confidence to wear it with a smile. When you become a fan you will be engulfed with nothing short of love and its DYLYN you invest in not just her music.

Tearing down the walls of monotony in girl-pop music, DYLYN is a refreshing rediscovery of what we loved when punk-pop music legends past, left us aspiring and changing our entire wardrobes. Making everything she does look effortless DYLYN isn’t just cool she remodernises it. Although she still is such a very new emerging artist, DYLYN is one that leaves a lasting impression. Set to perform in Germany in May, no matter where you are flying in from do not have any doubts that DYLYN will leave you yearning for more music from her daring and brazen sound.