BRANT Interview Feature

Alternative pop singer going by the moniker BRANT introduces himself with his latest single, centered around a working class man who’s struggling with pushing beyond what is expected of him. We interviewed the hot new artist, on working with Matthew Vlahovich from Young Empires, his latest single “Where the lights come in” and his creative vision for the future.

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2017 was a pretty interesting year for you especially with the Launch of your latest single ‘Where The Light Comes In’ that came out during the end of the year, when did you find time to take it all in?

Brant: This past year was definitely a big year musically but more through smaller successes than any large developments or breakthroughs. Because of this I was able to appreciate even more that life is about the small victories and if we don’t stop to take it in…we could miss out on the beauty that’s in front of us. A little bit esoteric but is something I believe more than ever.

Is it true that you were previously in a band. When did you decide to make that move to being a solo artist?

Brant: Yes, I was in a few bands prior to becoming a solo artist. I think like most bands the musical vision/taste among members starts to change over time causing tension and often inevitably breaking up. This is exactly the case for me. The catalyst came when we were writing our 2nd EP and in studio we could not even decide on a drum sound. That was the beginning of the end. In truth, I never deep down believed I was a ‘rocksinger even though I love it and was raised on that style of music.

You have been known to talk of Brant in the third person, do you see Brant as a branch off from your original band or something that manifested due to that experience?

Brant: BRANT is just a stage name. In fact, it’s my middle name and when I was young I hated it haha. So funny how one’s tastes in everything can change over time.

If you had to some up who BRANT is in a words what would that be?

Brant: Authentic. Not afraid to tap into vulnerability to create emotionally deep material.

here is very little about you when you research you online, which is not a bad thing at all, some artists make a career out of being the more elusive/evasive type, particularly as socials have the propensity to either make or break you in a short window but is that deliberate?

Brant: I feel as an artist that fans shouldn’t have 24/7 access to my life. I agree that the difference between me or another artist getting a ‘big break’ likely could come down to the amount of followers we have. Do I believe that this is the right way to scout the next big artist? Definitely not. But it’s the way it is.

But not the way things have to be. New bands such as yourself are finding may innovative ways to do exactly what industry doesn’t to breakthrough am I right?

Brant: Bottomline great music will rise to the top. No innovative or ground breaking strategy here to ‘make it’. The big difference is that I try be an artist that creates music with a message that is timeless.

Your very first EP was produced by Matthew Vlahovich from Young Empires, when you decided to work together was he still very much working with the mindset of being from that band or did you find his approach entirely removed from that?

Brant: I think he took the work ethic and some sonic textures that were inspired from his band but overall he let me lead. He never forced any specific tones on me or told me to choose one drum pattern over another. He allowed me to drive the artistic vision which is why he’s not only a great artist but an excellent producer.

Are there any plans to work with the rest of Young Empires?

Brant: No, not at this time. Dan and I have discussed writing some songs together though.

Did Dan write when the Light comes in?

Brant: No – Matt and I wrote it together.


In your interview with Music Heart Beat you quoted that your father was a huge influence on your music, was he the type of father that would secretly haul you off to rock concerts posing as field trips?

Brant: HAHA – no I wish he was that type of father though. I remember mostly on our long drives to and from hockey arenas where we used to go through tape upon tape of 60’s and 70’s rock, we bonded over them, in my opinion it’s the best era of music ever.

What was one of the best performances that you have seen.

Brant: Paul McCartney at the Air Canada Centre. I’m a huge Beatles fan and this was a concert I will remember forever.

Where in Toronto is the best place to get musically reconnected?

Brant: I love the Dakota Tavern for this. You can literally walk in any night and see top notch artists. The Cameron House is also a great hub for this as well.

Is moving to Hollywood somewhere in the near future?

Brant: Don’t think so even though I LOVE California. I’m a huge surf fan and in love with being near the water. Also, Urth Cafe in Santa Monica was my addiction last time I was there. Cannot wait to go back.

Your music has been referred to as Alt pop but is that how you refer to it as well?

Brant: Absolutely. Pop with edge is what I like to define it as. I’m a huge fan of big, anthemic pop choruses with an alternative flair so I try to embody that in my writing.

When I listen to your sound the styles does remind you of a fusion of a few current bands but what’s the main comparison that you find that people have drawn?

Brant: I’ve heard anything from The Weeknd to Imagine Dragons. Maybe I’m a mash of up of both.

When can we buy the latest release?

Brant: My debut EP was released on October 2016 which features ‘Where The Light Comes In’. I have a new track coming out in February though. All of my music is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

What does the future hold for BRANT creatively?

Brant: The plan is to keep writing singles. Even though I love the album concept they are costly and inefficient in an artist’s ability to keep releasing current content. The more constant people see you’re releasing music – the less likely they are to forget about you. Expect a new single to be released in late February!