Techno music, electro and synth music has resurfaced and taken over the airwaves of this particular generation, featuring in hit after hit of some of the most A-list artists albums, singles etc. But the reason why we have grown to love synth music, tech music and electro music so much these days maybe due to their ability to teleport us to realms that only the imagination can drive you to. Something that appears to be a simple formula challenges your creativity to push beyond the boundaries of not just the music alone.

Luke, Sam and Joe, make up the new emerging Tech band that is ‘Brando’ immersing both old and new sounds, pushing their music beyond limitations. It also helps that they have the added boyish looks to compliment their appeal. I spoke with the trio this month as they introduce themselves and their new sound, divulging how they stay relevant and focused, and what we can expect to see from this new band in the very near future in their interview below.


If you do a little digging, Brando is a bit of a mix of Depeche Mode, Bros, and The Pet Shop Boys, with this slightly darker and edgier sound, and one of your influences is in fact Depeche Mode but did you ever want this to be the direction you would be going in when the band first began?

Luke: I wouldn’t say we have a specific direction apart from upwards. When we write or create music it’s all about the vibe and where the music takes us. We don’t like to limit ourselves in terms of having a specific sound. The sound is always evolving for us.

Joe: We didn’t really set out to base our sound on one particular genre but have created music that we have naturally connected with. We have always liked a dark, edgy synth like sound, so naturally there will be comparisons to similar sounding artists but we just try and do our own thing.

Sam: I wouldn’t say we ever set out with a specific direction in mind for the band as that then brings limitations. We have so many influences and experiment with different genres yet it always sounds like Brando.

When is your latest release, what sound were going for with the songs?

Luke: We are currently working on an album and I think people will be very surprised at the diversity of the sound. As long as I’m playing guitar, Sam is on keyboards and Joe is on Vocals it will sound like Brando whatever the genre.

You used to be a very different band called ‘The Electric Flower’, what made you transition from what you were called to now ‘Brando?’

Sam: That was an old band/project we set up when we first discovered we could write songs. Luke, Joe and I have always worked together and eventually the flowers blossomed into Brando!


Which of you is lead vocal? Who takes the lead as producer?

Sam: Joe is the front man, Luke plays guitar/produces/sings and I play the piano/keys/sing. We all write together and each brings something unique to the sound.

When can you expect to see your first video release?

Joe: Very soon but are currently just focusing on finishing the sound. A good friend of mine who is a director known as Bispham is potentially interested in creating a great music video for one of our tracks. At the moment though, the music will always come first.

We know that Boy George is a personal friend of yours and so far has described you as “really sweet guys” but how did you all meet him?

Joe: We met him through a mutual friend of ours. He listened to our music and liked what he heard.

Have you worked with Boy George on any material?

Luke: Yes we have and it’s fantastic.
Joe: He is hugely talented artist and has given a lot of great advice.
Sam: George is a creative genius and is very inspiring to be around.

You’re also known for being quintessentially metrosexual guys but is it fashion before form for you or in reverse?

Joe: I think we live in a world that needs to identify and label things. We tend to just focus on being ourselves. The moment you identify yourself to a set label, it can limit yourself.
Luke: Haha! Mind your own business.
Sam: I don’t kiss and tell!

As we are all in a lighthearted mood, my follow up question has to be, which one of you is more glam than Rock?

Sam: I’d say we are all very glam rock. We love working with up and coming designers. London fashion is very exciting at the moment. Lots of Bowie themes going on!


What’s the most incredible thing about being Brando at this present moment?

Luke: That we are making music that we love.

In such a competitive industry how do you all stay on trend and keep your music current?

Sam: We tend not to follow trends. Trends come and go. I think if you stay true to yourself then you will always be timeless.

Who can we expect to see you working with in the near future?

Joe : Who knows what the future holds. Right now we are enjoying writing together and enjoying the moment.