Every year brings us something new regarding interior design, but every once in a while, we get a rare treat to see old trends coming back and overshadowing new ones. So, here are interior trends that are making a comeback in 2018.


Kitchen dining tables

During the last few years, kitchen islands have been a very popular option for eating family meals. But, even though they are super practical for smaller spaces, they just don’t have the intimate feeling of dining at a traditional table. If you don’t have space for both, you can invest in a dining table with a quartz top that can be used for extra food prep space if needed.

Bold furniture

In the last few years, minimalism and Scandinavian design brought us simple furniture made of natural fabrics in white, beige and gray. However, color is back, everyone! So, this year, feel free to add a daring sofa with an interesting design and bold colors that will become a true centerpiece of your living room. Deep blue, soft pink and vibrant green are all great colors to introduce to your space.


Dark woods

Scandi also had a strong influence on wooden furniture. However, this year, we will slowly start to step away from the pale wood of Scandinavian design and opt for darker wood tones associated with glamour and luxury. This trend has been slowly growing for quite some time now, and it’s finally here. And, if you mix dark wooden furniture with metallic accents, you’ll further elevate the style and give your space a touch of interest.


Feature walls

Once upon a time, shiplap and millwork walls were huge, but they soon got replaced by simple painted walls and wallpaper. However, slowly, they are becoming more and more popular again, especially since people started DIY-ing accent walls. They look especially good in bedrooms because of their warm feeling.

Floral patterns

The floral print is coming back, stronger than ever and with a bit of a twist. There will be no more soft, pastel patterns, but 2018 will be all about high-contrast colors, huge flowers and exotic and intricate patterns. Think black and white, yellow and blue or gold and teal! If you need a detail that will attract attention and add interest to your home, look no further.

Hidden range hoods

A huge range hood can serve as a super attractive focal point in every kitchen. However, they can be a bit overwhelming for smaller spaces and make the kitchen feel dark and claustrophobic. But if you hide the hood behind the cabinets, it will open up your space and make it look streamlined and elegant.

Big washbasins

Forget about small bathroom sinks that barely cover your hygiene needs and opt for big trough sinks that are perfect for big family bathrooms that get a lot of traffic. They are especially handy in the morning and evening, since they allow two people to use them at the same time. They have a strong farmhouse or industrial vibe and go well with minimalist spaces.


Freestanding bathtubs

Even though showers are still going strong, the interest is slowly shifting back to tubs which are perfect for relaxing and pampering. More and more homeowners choose to invest their money in quality freestanding bathtubs that provide maximum comfort and style. Today, there are all sorts of freestanding tub models, but stone ones are especially luxurious and stylish.

Interesting backsplashes

If you want to add more character to your kitchen or bathroom, today you have some more options besides white metro tiles. For instance, you can opt for scalloped or fish-scale tiles that are once again popular. They have a traditional vibe but offer a little more interest and color than metro tiles.

Broom closets

Homeowners today are striving for a clean and tidy look of their homes, but all those brooms, mops and cleaning supplies are making it hard to maintain the clutter-free look. However, in 2018, people will go back to creating traditional dedicated broom closets. There are also super clever design solutions that make use of slim, vertical spaces like those between the fridge and the cabinets. These small spaces can quickly be turned into functional storage with a simple rollout shelf.

The fact that all of these design trends are coming back makes them classics that are worth investing in. So, feel free to introduce them into your home and you’ll surely not regret it.