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Businessman turned producer DJ 32 Stitches, seems to be on a winning streak, successful in business and now with the enormous career shift into music, is creating a successful career within this field as well. Setting a new bar 32 Stitches may indeed be one of India’s finest new Future Bass- Electro Pop producers. Gaining status through his singles ‘Keeper Of The Realm’, and recognition from remixes for Tom & Hills, the Mumbai based DJ now returns with his lead single ‘Remember This’.

Big synths, grand pianos and colossal strings, though the introductions of his sound may initially appear misleading, this DJ’s music has the capability to make you speakers officially implode. There’s nothing miniscule about 32 Stitches, this producer creates anthem music and nothing less! And we interview 32 Stitches on finding balance from heartbreak, how he creates mind blowing sounds and what made him never regret his career change.


…“There’s nothing miniscule about 32 Stitches”

The latest single is directly regarding a particular heartbreak that you experienced. Was this a long relationship?

32 Stitches: Yeah the relationship lasted almost 7 years. Wasn’t something that I expected when I was getting into it.

Artist like Adele are very comfortable naming and shaming when it comes to writing music directly about relationships that did not make it to the other side successfully. Was there ever a time when you thought ‘I’m going to do an Adele on this song?’

32 Stitches: Haha well not really. I have no intentions of naming and shaming anyone especially when I have shared the most personal emotions of my life with a person. It’s alright things didn’t workout, at least I got something positive out of the it.

Without sounding too much like this is a therapy session. How did you manage to find equilibrium after the experience of the relationship breakdown?

32 Stitches: The initial few months were really difficult. But that’s when I started trying to find myself and it was around that time only I turned towards learning how to make music. Never thought I would be as deep into it as I am today but music helped me find my peace

How was it working with the lead singer on the new single ‘Remember This?’

32 Stitches: It was a great experience working with the singer. She made it so easy to finish writing this it didn’t feel hefty at all. Songwriting is something she is very good at so it was a really smooth process trying to churn out my vision for the track into the final piece it is today.

It’s duly noted that anyone who knows of your music will often have high expectations of your sound. From the beginning did you have that intention to set a particular bar if you were to ever produce music?

32 Stitches: I never wanted to set a bar regarding anything to be honest. I have Worked on over 80-100 projects till date which have just been for my personal leisure and trying to express myself. The tracks that are released are my selective favourites out of all. So if you’re just into any kind of work and aren’t selective about quality, it never turns out to be as fruitful as you want it to be.

32Stitches p shot

…“It is usually the fresh minds that breakthrough or innovate to a very inspirational level”

 – 32 Stitches


Even though being in business has its own risks, as a successful businessman that then moves into music, this is not something that you hear every day. What compelled you to take this type of risk?

32 Stitches: Work is truly beneficial when you walk into work and are excited. I don’t hate “Mondays” or any day as a matter of fact because I love what I do. Anytime, anywhere ready to dive into my work. This feeling is what pushed me into getting into music

When have you been the most critical of your own music?

32 Stitches: I’m always over analysing my music since I’m always in that critical analysis state. I think it’s just a usual mindset of an artist where you are never satisfied with your work and always feel you could add more to it.

Your music is still music you can drive to but when your the one who’s behind the wheel who would we find you listening too?

32 Stitches: Behind the wheel I’m usually listening to a few of my favourite discovery channels so I’m able to listen to more and more fresh stuff everyday. It is usually the fresh minds that breakthrough or innovate to a very inspirational level!

Have you ever doubted changing career direction?

32 Stitches: I wouldn’t say I haven’t. With the positive also comes the mental pressure. In any artistic field I believe it is very difficult to breakthrough because of the immense competition but I have never thought of quitting music as such. Down the line, even if im doing this professionally or anything else, I would always want to continue making music

Can we expect to see more big remixes?

32 Stitches: Hopefully yes. As of now what’s on the books is remixes for ‘Remember This’. That is what you should keep an eye out for. I have some very talented musicians working hard on the track and a remix pack should be out sooner than you expect

Everything about 32 Stitches is unique from style, to hair, to your beliefs, and not being afraid to explore and break a few rules. And we expect to see more of this from you, but when do you know when you’ve reached your peak and have to literally stop and say “I have to stop working”, if not do you think you would know?

32 Stitches: Well I usually have gaps between my work hours. So if I’m working on a project and I feel worn out, I immediately switch to my 2nd love which is gaming haha. Next day if my work still sounds on point, I carry on with the project otherwise it’s time to scrape off another idea I guess. If I feel motivated I work till I can. Sometimes my studio sessions are as short as 15 minutes or as long as almost 18 hours. Those are literally the two extremes I have pulled off in recent times.

Make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled this year for one of India’s finest Electro-pop DJ’s 32 Stitches.