Interview With Susanne Roti

With designs that are not afraid to push the visual boundaries armed with a ballpoint pen, Susanne Roti mixes her passion for drawing and fashion. Before the conception of her idea to fuse her two creative loves, Susanne studied art history at the University of Bergen which inspired her to use “elements of the past to create something new.” It was with that idea she decided to create her own self titled clothing line Susanne Roti. With no obsession over celebrities but with talented people such as surreal artists Claude Cahun and Magritte who influence her work. Delve deeper into her surreal world with The Digital Fashion Platforms interview with Susanne Roti.
Illustration in Design - Susanne Roti

Photography: Nora Fredrikke Holmen

Tell us about your love for surrealism with your design work?

SR: During my time at the University I became especially fascinated by surrealism and its mixture of rational reality and irrational dreams. The ideas of surrealism are appealing and I am attracted by the surreal aesthetics. Therefore surrealism, its playfulness and illusions, naturally became a source of inspiration to me when I started designing clothes. Claude Cahun and Magritte are surreal artists who have influenced my work.

How do you unwind after a day of designing?

SR: I love spending time with my labrador puppy, she is fantastic and has so much good energy. The best way to truly unwind after a day of designing.

Drawing illustrations of texture and detail on your designs is a very unique aspect of your label, why did you decide to mix the two?

SR:Drawing has been my favourite activity since I was a child and I always try to find new ways of using drawing. When it comes to fashion I seek to create authentic and innovative designs. Because of my passion for both fashion and drawing I wanted to explore the possibilities for combining these disciplines. Moreover, I like how the time-consuming drawing process adds the value of handmade to my design.

Illustration in Design - Susanne Roti - Cat Walk


Illustration in Design - Susanne Roti - Cat Walk - 2

Catwalk Images by Roger Fosaas

What is your secret obsession?

SR: That must be Chinese tea, I drink several cups every day.

List three things you love about fashion

SR: Firstly the history of fashion, secondly that trends reappear in new shapes and lastly the continuous expectations of what comes next.

What came first, drawing or fashion?

SR: I would have to say drawing as I have been drawing my whole life. But later on when my interest for fashion grew stronger, fashion and drawing became equally important.

Illustration in Design - Susanne Roti - 3


Illustration in Design - Susanne Roti - 4

Being a fashion designer is such a creative career, what do you love about it?

SR: I enjoy developing ideas the most, including research, experimenting with materials and creating

prints. There are so many creative and talented people in the fashion industry, with different

visions and thoughts. And I appreciate all the opportunities to learn from each other. Especially,

I think it is interesting to take part in a discussion about authenticity in fashion.

You can follow Susanne Roti via her website here.

Fashion Writer: Aicha Robertson
Editor: Florence Bailey