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 Design Guide – Top Interior Lighting Trends of 2019

Lighting Trends

If you want to décor your room in the perfect manner then it is important to select the best lights so that when you switch them on, the lighting pattern, the fixtures, the tuning of lighting with room décor to wall colors, can create a mood and make your place unique. Every part of a house has a requirement for different types of lighting. The same type of relaxing and cozy lighting in bedrooms is never the pick for a living room. The dining hall lighting will stand apart from study room and so on. In this 21st century, a professional understands that for every home there is a required type of interior lighting, which is a primary part of the interior decoration in any home or commercial space. It is the one vital factor which is responsible for the:

  • The functionality of a space
  • Ambience and appeal of the space
  • The aesthetic feels of the room
  • Creates an impression and style statement

Electrical manufacturers have come up with advanced, artistic and creative options in lighting fixtures, as well as ways to cope up with the recent trend of the generation. Today a professional electrician can easily create ambient lighting patterns of an extensively creative range, mid- century to Victorian, colonial style to contemporary, artistic to functional, vintage to ultra tech, etc., (according to renowned electrician companies) 2019 witnessing the surfacing of a few new and unique lighting trends.

Innovative Industrial Lighting Patterns

Typically referred to as the retro style of lighting is where a lot of inclination is found in metal finishes, in neutral colors and rustic styling. The retro industrial lighting style of 2019 stands apart from the original industrial style in both style and appearance. It is somewhat a revolutionary modernization of industrial lighting patterns, designed artistically to suit modern time requirements and interiors. These types of lightings are slim and sleek, using versatile patterns in designs with the aura of industrial lights. These lightings will be quite interesting catch for your interiors.

Industrial Lighting Patterns

Geometric Glam

Geometric patterns and symmetry intriguingly engage the human mind and captivates immediate attention. Visually, such geometric patterns of lightings can enhance the visual flair of any room and moreover, create a dramatic enigma to any interior. Simple interiors can flash out with the use of such geometric patterned lightings. In 2019, an electricians working alongside interior designers can find it interestingly challenging to create iconic spaces with geometric drop down lights to chandeliers, and light bars to ceiling fixtures. It goes without saying that the fun can be heightened more with the playful use of bold colors or even generic metallic finishes as well. It is a buzzing trend of this year to create definite moods and ambiences in interior spaces.

Geometric Glam

Romanticism with Soft Colors in Lighting

This is perhaps the year dedicated to soft colors. While previously soft colors would only refer to soft pastel shades, today an electrician gets to work with interesting lightings designed in grey, soft gold, beige, greige a combination beige and grey and so on appealing shades. Whether you have a contemporary interior or a vintage style décor, these soft shades in lighting fixtures aptly fall in place with a wide range of interior décor styles. Soft gold falls somewhere in the middle of brushed silver and brushed gold. It borrows the soft matte finish and the palette of soft colors also includes soft matte finishes which create a gorgeous feel of romantic appeal.

Soft Colors in Lighting

Style Your Way

Lighting can emphasize or suppress an entire interior. Not only for functionality, but 2019 brought the romantic and playful creative of lighting, recreating old lighting patterns in new shield of beauty and flair. You can consult an expert electrician to know which of these intriguing styles can complement your interior the best.