Get the best out of your vintage looks

Modern trends are always a wellspring of inspiration. All those magazines and fashion shows are a joy to watch, and if you’re a style diva, they probably motivate you to put together some incredibly creative outfits. However, sometimes even the trendiest of garbs can look a little boring because everyone else is wearing the same thing, and that’s usually when we want to take a look at our history and go for something retro. Wearing vintage prints is a really cool way to stand out, but you have to be very careful about how you style them if you don’t want to end up looking outdated. Are you eager to play with your fashion and pull off some amazingly cute outfits? Then take a look at some of our best tips!

Pair it with denim



If the print is very loud, then it’s always a good idea to play it down a little, otherwise, you risk looking like your grandma’s shabby old couch. Those seventies-inspired large-and-in-charge patterns can completely overtake your whole figure if you wear a head-to-toe outfit with the same print, but you can easily make it manageable with the help of denim. A silky skirt with a geometric pattern will look great with a pair of slim jeans (or bell bottoms, if you want to go full-on retro), and you can also throw on a plain jacket over it to make it even better. Simply put, you need to pair bright, in-your-face pieces with something a little more subtle.

When in doubt, go for classics



Photo by Wenyang on Unsplash

The seventies were a wild, fun era, but they’re not your only source of inspiration. If you want really cute, easy prints to pull off, go for polka dot, gingham, or stripes. Polka dot fit-and-flare dresses are going to look gorgeous on any figure, and if you pair them with red heels and red lipstick, you’ll look like a Hollywood movie star. Gingham works great for business outfits, and simple Breton stripes can have a 
lovely slimming effect.  

Rock a stunning bathing suit


After all, warm days are coming our way, and now’s a great time to start searching for a cute bikini or a one-piece. For ideas, turn to Italian fashion because the whole world is obsessed with that timeless, seductive beauty of their women who seem to know just how to rock their curves. You can find sexy luxury swimwear by Contessa Volpi and similar brands that draw their inspiration from the seventies and have excellent models that will flatter your figure. Ruffles, florals, and bandeau tops are all good choices, and so are cute stripes and other lovely prints.

Florals for femininity


Photo by Anabel F. Zamora on Unsplash

Floral prints are great for a gal who just want to feel soft, delicate, and completely feminine. They’re easy to pull off as long as you don’t overwhelm your outfit, so pick one statement garment that will pull all the focus. A long, boho dress is a good idea, especially if you cinch it at the waist with a big leather belt and pair it with leather sandals for a bit of a hippie moment. You can also choose a flowy maxi skirt or a practical playsuit.  

Go for modern cuts



If you want to avoid wearing an outfit that looks like a costume, then choose retro prints in modern cuts. This means basically sticking to simple shapes such as pencil skirts, boat-neck shirts, and jackets without too many fussy details, but it can also mean going for an asymmetrical cut or something similarly fashion-forward. If those big shoulders from the eighties look like too much, then go for a simple dress with a V-neck, but pick an eighties pattern—animal print.

Easy with the accessories


Photo by Anabel F. Zamora on Unsplash

Depending on what kind of print you choose, you might want to consider not wearing accessories, or at the very least keeping them very minimal. If the pattern is very bold, then stick to simple bags and earrings, but if you go for something understated such as polka dot, feel free to break the monotony with some magenta, red, or bright yellow pieces. You should always have a good balance between simple and eye-catching items.

Here’s one more tip before we go—make a Pinterest board and use it for research purposes. Find vintage garments that you like, then go on a shopping spree and try putting together cute retro outfits. As long as you allow yourself to get creative, your style will thrive.