Not to sound corny, but Xmas really is all about giving. We can and do put a price on many things in life, but the light on a loved one’s face and the sparkle in their eye that we’re responsible for is absolutely priceless. While it’s completely true that romance is a fulltime job and we should never allow for that side of us to become lazy, the holidays are a time when stepping up our game is essential. You already have the magical Christmas spirit as your ally, so most of the work in terms of ‘setting a romantic vibe’ is already done. Now it’s up to you to come up with ingenious and creative ways to make the Xmas experience complete, so let’s look into ways to go about this.

The head scratcher

Some people ask each other what they would like to get for Christmas, and while that’s all very nice and practical, it does take the fun and the element of surprise out of the experience, which, honestly, is half the joy. So, instead of asking, be attentive and listen. Has he mentioned a particular interest in a TV show, a gadget? Has he stopped in front of a shop window and (in his own way) gushed about a garment or an outfit he saw? Has he mentioned mulling over the idea of taking up a sport or a hobby? Has it casually come up that he would like to spruce up his place a bit? For your gift to be a complete surprise and the most exciting one at that, you need to sit down and go through all the conversations you’ve had. During this pre-holiday time, you need to be all eyes and ears, so you can catch that elusive moment when he expresses an interest in something and if you can do that, then the perfect present is in the bag. It can be a Rick and Morty tee, a Stranger Things print for his wall, a beard-grooming kit. As long as it’s something that will make him see how well you listen and how much you care, it can be the most inexpensive thing in the world and he’ll still be over the moon about it.

Bring back the classic



Hanging out on the couch, Netflix and chill, vegging out by the TV – all of these new dating habits are a threat to romance, which is precisely why the holidays are the best time to bring back some of the old dating habits that are the epitome of old-time romance for a reason. So, instead of a ‘sweats and cuddles’ night, call your boyfriend up and tell him to put on his finest, no questions asked. When he rings the doorbell, you should welcome him in your very finest, with a romantic table for two set. If you’re not much of a cook, order his favorite meal from his favorite restaurant, get amazing wine online, decorate the place in a way that oozes that ‘Xmas meets romance’ vibe and have an old fashioned dressed up romantic dinner. You can even take him to a jazz bar and go dancing while decked out in your Xmas best.

In good times and in bad

One of the most precious lost forms of art that we definitely need to bring back is writing love letters. Emails are nice, texts are practical, but if you’re still together twenty years from now, isn’t it more tangible, therefore far more loaded with meaning to open up a box and read a letter that you wrote to each other when you were two silly youngsters in love? In the letter you can be as honest and trite as you wish, and you can even make a concept – divide it into twelve paragraphs, describing one thing you cherish during that year of your relationship. It’s the stuff of movies isn’t it?

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me



Advent calendars have been extremely popular for quite some time now, so why not make your own version of it? We’re not talking the ‘Sephora kind’ where you open one present each day. Instead, why not create a real-life calendar. You can start now, and plan something fun and exciting for the two of you every day. It can be anything really – re-watching the movie from your first date, recreating a picnic from that time you forgot the forks, eating at that food truck when you were so hungry after a concert. Think of all the fun things you’ve done in the last year, or your entire relationship and do a sort of re-enactments. Not only will it come as a total surprise, but relieving some of the best times can make you fall in love with someone all over again.

Christmas is one of our favorite holidays and we hope you and your boyfriend will spend it in love and joy. Enjoy yourself, spend more time together, celebrate your love and we guarantee you many countless memories!